stac labs (State Technology Acceleration Collaborative) is seeking a talented, hardworking, and energetic person to join our team as a Technical Program Specialist. stac labs is a brand new organization that works with state Democratic parties and other clients to offer them data support, technology training, and analytics in order to help win races up and down the ballot — from school board to the Oval Office. The Technical Program Specialist will be responsible for working with state party leaders to build technology systems like peer-to-peer texting into their programs. This work would include training state party personnel on systems, co-developing key performance indicators to measure progress, and doing periodic reviews of how the program is functioning. There are no coding or engineering requirements for this position.


Minimum Qualifications:


Great communication skills: Must be able to translate complex ideas and systems into practical terms for state party leaders. Will need to be comfortable working with every level of a state party, from the ED to a field volunteer to drive adoption of technical systems. Ability to create training programs for different parts of state party organizations to drive adoption. Capable of working closely with a large group of vendors to represent state party interests and needs.

Curiosity and willingness to learn: Will need to be constantly learning new technical systems and emerging best practices as they evolve. An excitement to explore new systems, ideas, and state party org structures will be an important factor to being successful. Able to quickly integrate new knowledge into existing understanding to know where new tools fit into the toolbox available to state parties and campaigns.

Strong focus on what is valuable: Must understand what is valuable to state parties and campaigns at different parts of the electoral cycle. There will be a focus on making sure state parties are utilizing the technical systems they have purchased to insure state parties to get the full value during different parts of the cycle. Ability to prioritize between a wide range of tasks based on the highest impact for a given moment.

Proactive, creative problem solving: Must be able to assess a wide range of options and create a discernible plan for a state party to follow. Much of the work will be independent, so a self-motivated attitude is required. Will need to be able to identify novel solutions using technical tools that ‘weren’t quite meant for that.’ Possess the ability to understand how different data capture and reporting systems can be made to work together to create cross-platform integrated solutions.

Great collaboration skills:  Must be willing to work with state party stakeholders and vendors to find the optimal solution for both parties. Ability to lead collaborative process mapping sessions to understand all the different people and systems involved in getting something done. Ability to find 3rd way solutions, and willingness to accept trade offs where necessary. 

A positive attitude and patience: Must be a “can do” person with experience working in busy/high-pressure situations. Campaigns are very busy during election season, and we will be supporting the state parties in their election work.  Knowledge on how to manage a heavy workload and prioritize between competing needs while keeping things positive and moving things forward. Capacity and willingness to work long hours during peak season.  Will need patience when political limitations lead to non-ideal solutions. Must be happy to revisit the same trainings and discussions when the need arises.

Ability to travel: Once COVID-19 is not a limiting factor, and it’s safe to travel, state work with party and campaign clients will involve travel, especially at critical times for campaign planning, debriefs, trainings and convenings. Estimated % of time spent traveling is dependent on the needs of member states. Overall, the expected amount of travel is no more than 25%. The team will all be remote, but will be expected to have access to a major airport to travel.

Nice to Have Skills/Qualifications:

We don’t expect every applicant to know or have worked with every technology we’ve listed, or have worked with everything stac labs will be working on, so we urge you to apply if you’re interested and some of the below apply to you.


  • Experience working with or volunteering for campaigns, state parties or the Democratic National Committee.

  • Experience working with voter files and other voter data.

  • Experience training staff or volunteers.

  • Experience with peer-to-peer texting systems and dialer systems.

  • Experience with relational organizing systems.

  • Experience with canvassing apps and VAN.

  • Experience working at start-ups or at brand new organizations.

  • Experience working in a remote team.

  • Experience with large business systems like ERP, CRM, HR, or other business systems.

  • Experience with donation systems like ActBlue.

  • Experience using JIRA, Copper, and GSuite.

  • A desire to expand technical, organizing, and political skills, with support from organizational professional development.

Job Responsibilities:


  • Work with the Director of Products and Innovation, state party leaders, and stac Technologists to drive technology adoption in state party orgs.

  • Provide clients with actionable implementation plans for various technology systems so they can fully utilize functionality they’ve paid for: 

    • Meeting with state party leaders and stac Technologists to understand the state party needs, capabilities, and resources.

    • Model state party processes to make sure implementation will touch all relevant staff and entities.

    • Contacting vendors who can meet the needs of state parties to schedule demos and lock down pricing for a state.

    • Training state party staff and volunteers on various systems and capabilities so they can utilize them in their day-to-day work.

    • Creating a plan for state parties to gradually grow into advanced system features over time.

    • Setting up initial systems and methods for state parties to use and transferring relevant data into those systems for initial use.

  • Work with internal stac staff and systems to make sure we’re using our own systems to their fullest extent.

  • Research emerging technologies and methods to create new innovative solutions for problems facing state parties.

  • Work with the team, state party clients and the DNC Tech team to:

    • Develop training curriculum

    • Develop regular reporting, communication, and process improvements

  • Work to elevate state party issues and concerns to the team in order to collect and provide feedback for vendors

  • Other tasks and responsibilities as assigned by your supervisor


The salary range for this position is $65,000 - $85,000, depending on experience. We offer a comprehensive benefits package.

The application process includes conversations with the Director of Products and Innovation and another member of the team.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer with a strong commitment to diversity of staff and leadership. We actively encourage people of color, people with disabilities, women, non-binary candidates, LGBTQIA+ candidates, people of all ages, and people from traditionally marginalized communities to apply. We are tracking diversity in our applications and our hiring processes to ensure we are holding ourselves accountable to our values. The diversity questions in the application form are completely optional and cannot be used to determine specific hiring decisions.

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