stac labs (State Technology Acceleration Collaborative) is seeking a talented, hardworking, and energetic person to join our team as a Managing Technologist. stac labs is a brand new organization that works with state Democratic parties and other clients to offer them data support and analytics in order to help win races up and down the ballot — from school board to the Oval Office. The Managing Technologists will be responsible for supporting a small team of Technologists in gathering state needs, project management, and training and coaching while being responsible for their own states’ work. They will work closely with the Managing Director of Data Programs and the other Managing Technologist to set organizational priorities and ensure client success. 

Minimum Qualifications:


Experience working in a political data or technical team: Must have experience working in a technical or data program in a political organization directly related to state parties, campaigns and/or the DNC or other committees. 

Experience managing a team in a time sensitive, high work volume environment: Must have experience managing a diverse team of people with specialized skills. Must have the ability to take a holistic approach to project management of complex cross-team projects to deliver them accurately and on time. Must be able to track  projects and priorities using a project management system. Must have a strong commitment to growing a technical data team within a values system that includes Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity.

Deep experience working with voter files: Must have a background working with voter data and a strong working knowledge of VAN/Votebuilder, in particular. This also includes a proficient understanding of the best practices around data security and managing sensitive voter data. 

Strong data analytics skills: Must have a strong knowledge of database technology, warehousing, and integration, with advanced training in data analytics and management. Proficiency using Microsoft Excel, CRMs, SQL databases and Python or another coding language is required; proficiency with Tableau or another visualization software is preferred. You should also have experience with using technical solutions for moving data from one source to another or ETL processes.


Great communication skills: Must have the ability to synthesize and explain complex data reports in layperson’s terms, both verbally and in writing.  Must have a working knowledge of data visualization and reporting programs and know how to share insights in a clear, concise and actionable way. Must also be able to communicate effectively with state party clients to ensure alignment on timelines and deliverables.

Great collaboration skills:  Must have the ability to proactively seek solutions in coordination with their fellow Managing Technologist and the stac labs team, who oversee multiple complex projects. This includes the ability to re-prioritize tasks based on team needs, offer timely input, and share feedback on work progress. It also includes the ability to contribute to and support the team’s culture and goals. The organization will be remote, so Managing Technologists must have the ability to adapt to the best practices and challenges of working with a team located across the country. Must believe that stac’s team is strongest when working together and creating an environment where best practices are shared, team members are valued for their impact, and people are given the support they need to be successful.

 A positive attitude and the ability to work well under pressure: Must be a “can do” person with experience working in busy/high-pressure situations. Campaigns are very busy during election season, and we will be supporting the state parties in their election work. You know how to manage a heavy workload and prioritize between competing needs while keeping things positive and moving things forward. You have the capacity and willingness to work long hours during peak season, rolling up your sleeves and getting the work done. 

Proactive, creative, problem solving: Must have good instincts when it comes to anticipating and foreseeing challenges before they arise. When confronted with new problems, you must be willing to get creative and think outside the box. You tackle challenges head-on, and you’re eager to dive in with others to identify the best path forward while understanding and being able to articulate trade-offs. The bottom line is you will find a solution that works.


Nice to Have Skills/Qualifications:

We don’t expect every applicant to know or have worked with every technology we’ve listed, or have worked with everything stac labs will be working on, so we urge you to apply if you’re interested and some of the below apply to you.


  • Experience managing a technical or data team in a political organization directly related to state parties, campaigns and/or the DNC or other committees

  • Experience working as a technical Project Manager

  • Experience working with and reporting from JIRA

  • Experience working in technology or analytics teams outside of politics

  • Experience working at start-ups or at brand new organizations 

  • Experience working in a remote team

  • Experience with agile development

  • Experience with Kubernetes, Docker, or some other container system

  • Experience with GIS, QGIS or Mapbox

  • Experience with data visualization tools, such as Periscope or Tableau

  • Experience moving systems from hardware servers and databases to cloud-based solutions

  • Experience using and troubleshooting relational organizing campaign apps, such as Hustle, Reach, etc.

  • A desire to expand your technical and political skills, with support from organizational professional development

Job Responsibilities:


  • Lead, project manage, develop, and support a skilled, cohesive data team that supports our state Democratic party clients and their various data needs. Manage and guide the team while supporting your own state(s).

  • Communicate with state parties to gather needs for data and technical products that will be deployed across multiple states.

  • Assign state project requests to data team members to ensure timely delivery of an end product, with an eye on individual capacity, project scoping, and daily task priorities. 

  • Support your assigned clients by helping them leverage, manage, maintain, and analyze their data. This can include, but is not limited to: 

    • Overseeing all voter file updates and procuring the relevant data to make those updates happen (e.g., voter information, early vote data, polling locations, etc.)  

    • Creating reports and synthesizing insights with party/campaign data to inform decision-making  

    • Fulfilling data requests

    • Researching and building reusable, technical solutions for automation, reporting and data systems transfers 

    • Executing regular data hygiene, including data security checks and audits

    • Creating targeted voter contact universes 

    • Troubleshooting VAN, tools and technical issues

  • Work with the new Democratic Data Exchange (DDx) to ensure that state party clients are active participants who, in turn, benefit from the shared data 

  • Work with campaign pollsters and data teams on modeling, polling, and other forms of data analysis 

  • Work with the team, state party clients and the DNC Tech team to:

    • Develop training curriculum

    • Develop regular reporting, communication, and process improvements

  • Work to elevate state party issues and concerns to the team in order to collect and provide feedback for vendors

  • Other tasks and responsibilities as assigned by your supervisor


The salary range for this position is $105,000 - $115,000, depending on experience. We offer a comprehensive benefits package.

The application process includes conversations with the Managing Director of Data Programs and other members of the team.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer with a strong commitment to diversity of staff and leadership. We actively encourage people of color, people with disabilities, women, non-binary candidates, LGBTQIA+ candidates, people of all ages, and people from traditionally marginalized communities to apply. We are tracking diversity in our applications and our hiring processes to ensure we are holding ourselves accountable to our values. The diversity questions in the application form are completely optional and cannot be used to determine specific hiring decisions.

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