New York, United States

At OneCloud, we’re building an automation platform designed to empower the business user.  Data integration and transformation are a big part of that, and we set out to make this process easy, intuitive, and most importantly, code-free.  We’re hiring an engineer dedicated to backend systems to help with performance, data processing, infrastructure, monitoring, and a plethora of new features we have planned.  

What you’ll be doing:

  • Writing backend systems in Golang, Elixir, and Ruby:  We have an architecture that can loosely be defined as “microservices” without completely abusing the methodology.
  • Improving the performance and architecture of our GraphQL APIs
  • Building a data processing pipeline to enrich unstructured data and derive insights from an event stream (we won’t call it AI…yet)
  • Helping shape architectural decisions throughout the platform

More about you:

  • 3-5+ years developing with a web language:  Golang, Elixir, and Ruby are our favorites, but we try to use the best tool for the job.  
  • Strong grasp of relational database concepts (we use Postgres primarily)
  • Familiarity with Docker, modern cloud infrastructure and microservices patterns
  • Nice to have:  Experience with AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, infrastructure monitoring, and DevOps in general – you won’t have to be a sysadmin, but we like to make sure our developers understand how their code is deployed

More about the role:

  • You’ll be the first engineer dedicated to backend systems on the team.  This is a great opportunity to step into a role where you can make major architectural decisions and help lead a growing team
  • We use an agile model for development, but we’re mindful of our engineers being overburdened.  High-quality, well-tested code is more important than rushing out features to meet arbitrary deadlines.
  • Almost as important as high-quality code is time away from the monitor, so we won’t guilt you into working through the weekend.  We also like to do team lunches, impromptu happy hours, and monthly outings – we’re open to suggestions!

Compensation Structure:

  • Base Salary + variable compensation as a function of initial sales and expansions
  • Full benefits including medical, dental, and 401K plan

About OneCloud

OneCloud addresses a broad, large and underserved market to connect and automate the systems that support the Office of the CFO. The OneCloud platform provides intuitive and robust integration for Performance Management (EPM), Business Intelligence (BI), and System of Record (SoR) technologies to easily automate, and integrate business-critical applications that coexist on-premise and in the cloud. OneCloud is used in the office of the CFO by Fortune 500 companies as well by SMB companies and works closely with other technology companies to build intelligent integration and automation for business users. 

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