Job Title:                          School Age Services Lead Instructor


Reports to:                      School Age Services Program Supervisor

Status:                              Full Time (30hrs/week), Non-Exempt              

Salary Range:                  $21/hour     

Location:                          Base site Lafayette, CO  

Schedule:                         Monday - Friday: 12 pm -6 pm




Purpose of Position


Promotes the health and welfare of participants. Works with team members and direct support professionals to ensure Therapeutic/Educational activities are developed, implemented effectively, and they monitor the effectiveness of plans. Ensures quality of services as well as compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Maintains professional relationships with participants as well as members of team.



Essential Duties/Responsibilities


1. Promotes the health, safety, and welfare of the participants in a leadership role when on shift.

  • Ensures health and safety requirements set forth by School Age Services guidelines as well as all regulating agencies.  This includes appropriate services and supports, such as positive instruction, assistance with personal hygiene, toileting, meals, etc.
  • Learns and consistently practices effective teaching skills, working with Therapeutic and Coordinating team as necessary.
  • Engages in skilled interaction with participants who require therapeutic supports to redirect aggressive or socially inappropriate behavior.
  • Assists participants in accessing and utilizing their community, by transporting them safely to recreational facilities or other community-based sites for activities, utilizing company cars, buses, walking, etc.
  • Responsible for administering all participants’ daily medications and g-tube feedings.
  • Provides breaks, guidance, and scheduling changes for direct support professionals throughout a scheduled shift.
  • Responsible for daily activities to occur on a timely basis and for prompting transitions between the activities.
  • Responsible for communicating with the School Age Services Coordinator and Supervisors about incident reports, cancellations, emergencies, and any issues that occur on shift.

2. Acts in accordance with Imagine! and School Age Services policies, mission, and the Individual Plans, and childcare license regulations.

  • Supports and implements activities according to School Age Services guidelines, in the context of activity protocols and plans, and in the context of a nurturing, stable environment.
  • Encourages, coaches, and engages with direct support professionals to offer breaks, additional support, feedback, and communication throughout a scheduled shift.
  • Completes documentation and tracking timely and accurately.
  • Communicates effectively with participants, guardians and family members, direct support professionals, CTRS team, School Age Coordinator and School Age Supervisors. This includes checking email, voicemail, and managing phone calls regularly before and during each shift.  


3. Monitors and reports on data to ensure compliance with all applicable guidelines and regulations, including Imagine! Policies and Procedures.

  • Ensures quality service delivery, meeting the guidelines set forth in School Age Services’ quality standards, as well as follows schedules, activity plans, and communicating daily changes.
  • Instructs in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, County and Municipal statutes, regulations, and Imagine! policies and procedures. 
  • Completes all required training, including annual refreshers, in the appropriate timeframe.
  • Reports all incidents, medical emergencies, and/or significant changes in medical condition to supervisor and completes all related paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Supports and coaches direct support professionals on how to complete and communicate an incident report and provide follow up to the correct people.
  • Responsible for communicating to School Age Supervisors and Coordinator team daily by completing a summer camp wrap up email reporting on daily Incident Reports, daily Direct Support Professional performance, participant cancelations, guardian concerns or feedback, base site supplies’ status, specific participant challenges, successes, and other general information.   
  • Solely responsible for all communication on the base site cell phones which is the direct line of contact for all parents on the day of the activity.
  • Responsible for coordinating daily medications and g-tube feedings throughout a scheduled shift.

4.  Maintains respectful and professional relationships with participants, guardians and family members, and all staff. 


  • Responsible for making decisions on shift, providing constructive feedback to Direct Support Professionals and encouraging participants as well as DSPs on each scheduled shift.
  • Works closely with the School Age Services Coordinator to make necessary changes, updates to the daily schedule, and communicate any parent feedback.
  • Is a leader on shift and is responsible for encouraging professional, respectful, and supportive collaboration.


5. Develops and facilitates activities to ensure Therapeutic/Educational Plans are developed and implemented effectively.

    • Writes therapeutic/educational activities plans that align with participants support plans and maintains progress notes according to scheduled requirements.
    • Provide skilled instructional support to direct support professionals to support therapeutic and educational plans.
    • Organizes and supervises activities for participants to ensure a therapeutic environment in accordance with the mission.
    • Monitors the effectiveness of plans and seeks continuous improvement.


Other Duties/Responsibilities

  • Supports Imagine! mission in the context of both individual and collaborative work.
  • Actively participates in staff meetings, workshops, in-services, discussions, etc.
  • Attends additional trainings as requested.
  • Maintains and cares for Imagine! property, including supplies, vehicles, etc., being mindful of safety and cleanliness.
  • Represents and promotes Imagine! in meetings, committees, and in the community. 
  • Maintains positive and professional relationships with coworkers and stakeholders.
  • Promotes team morale by being positive and professional.
  • Implement Individual Treatment/Behavior Plans developed by Behavior Therapists and/or BCBAs.
  • Checks email each day and reads important updates.



Job Qualifications


              Knowledge, Skill, and Ability:

  • General knowledge of community and school age resources.
  • Skilled in working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, preferably in a community-based setting.
  • Demonstrated ability to engage in skilled interaction with people who require behavior development and/or therapeutic supports. 
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills with individuals and groups at all professional levels.
  • Effective and creative negotiator and problem solver. This includes the ability to provide crisis intervention and resolve conflict.
  • Ability to work independently, prioritize tasks/goals for self and others, both effectively and responsibly
  • Effective organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of a team.
  • Ability to work effectively with various technology including Microsoft Office, internet-based databases, assistive technology, etc.
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license and ability to meet Imagine! driving requirements.
  • This position requires regular use of a personal mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.



  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • 2 years of college preferred.
  • Ability and willingness to successfully complete required training curriculum.  This includes developing an understanding of School Age Services structure, services, philosophy, as well as community resources, etc.



  • 1 year of direct support experience preferred.


Working Environment/Physical Activities: 

  • Ability to lift 50-75 pounds.
  • Ability to drive a mini van.
  • Ability to push wheelchairs, lift and transfer participants as related to toileting, undergarment changing, and other health and activity related needs.
  • Effective with shifting roles, responsibilities, and expectations in a changing environment.
  • Willingness and ability to respond to emergency situations as they arise.



This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, or qualifications associated with the job. 


Imagine! is a nonprofit with a goal of helping people aspire to, and achieve, a fulfilling life of new possibilities by providing support services to individuals with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities (IDD). We are located in the Denver / Boulder metro area and support Boulder and Broomfield counties.

OUR MISSION:  Creating a world of opportunity for all abilities.


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