Qnary PT Content Curator


Hi! We are Qnary. 


We empower the voice of professionals and industry leaders. We work directly with Fortune 1000 and startup leaders across a variety of industries, including marketing, media, technology, advertising, law, finance, corporate sustainability, art, and more. We

deliver our solution globally via the Qnary SaaS app.


Clients come to us to become digital influencers in their industry—from growing target audiences on social channels, to creating smart and savvy social content from tweets to blogs, to building personal websites. The objective is to grow their personal brands to help better reflect themselves and their organizations. We have developed an app to help clients do this easily and work to evolve our SaaS model forward.


We offer all aspects of managing an executive’s online presence, including: 


Social Profile Optimization, Development & Positioning: Building the digital profiles that make up an executive's online presence to ensure they have a consistent and positive digital footprint that establishes authority, credibility, and associates them with the key topics they want to be known for.


Custom Content Creation & Curation: Busy executives do not have the time to

create and develop content and curate articles to comment on and join a



Technology & Mobile App: Qnary's technology and mobile app allow executives to easily approve, decline, and/or edit content on the fly.


Audience/Engagement Growth: Strategically building our clients’ audience and connecting them with relevant industry influencers


We work with a mix of Fortune 500 senior and C-level executives to founders and executives of startups and everyone in between across all industries (media/advertising, technology, packaged goods, retail, energy, media, real estate, insurance, education, healthcare, automotive, food and beverage, finance, etc).


Our Qnary Nest (headquarters) is in New York City but we have created an innovative “you-first” model where we work from wherever we are most productive and deliver solutions for clients around the world and in many languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian and German.

Website: www.qnary.com


Content Curator

  • A writing background: English, creative writing, journalism, media, communications, marketing, or similar (if you're still studying, that's great too!)

  • Excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  • Versatile writing voice - you're able to adjust your tone to fit diverse briefs and are responsive to feedback

  • Corporate communications, social media, or business writing experience is a huge plus


  • This is a part-time role. Able to commit at least 10 hours/week - if you can do more, that’s great! Most content curators work 15-20 hours a week but we are flexible. 

  • Flexibility to join occasional training sessions and content feedback meetings which are conducted in Eastern Standard Time (EST) - while you can work in different time zones, you may be required to meet with some of our team from 9:00-17:00 EST.

Sounds interesting? Join the nest and soar with us!


Please visit our career page and use the link to submit your application.

At Qnary, we don't use psychometric testing or long, drawn-out recruitment processes. We seek and hire great talent - quickly. You’ll receive a short content writing task that will allow you to experience the real work that our writers do and will help you decide if this role is the right fit.

Please include your contact details and available starting date in your cover letter and resume. 

We can't wait to meet you! 

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