At Qnary, we empower the voice of professionals and industry leaders. We work directly with Fortune 1000 and startup leaders across a variety of industries, including marketing, media, technology, advertising, law, finance, corporate sustainability, art and more.

Clients come to us to become digital influencers in their industry—from growing target audiences on social channels, creating smart and savvy social content from tweets to blogs, to building personal websites. The objective is to grow their personal brands to help better reflect themselves and their organizations. We have developed an app to help clients do this easily and are continually working to improve it.

Not only will you manage and interact directly with clients, but you will also manage and oversee the content being developed for their social channels.

Beyond growing your skills and fluency in client success, social media, SaaS, and copy editing you will also gain an unparalleled window into the minds of today’s top leaders and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries.


What it looks like to work in the Nest:

We are still in a start-up / scale-up mode with a "think like an owner" mentality and a sense of mission, we are open to change and to making things better. 


We value our flexibility and our human connection. In EMEA, we use a hybrid model, so you would be expected to go to the office an average of 3 days per week.

We are an open organization that allows access to all levels as well as visibility, and a real sense of contribution. We are a goal-driven organization, where your work and contributions directly connect to the department and business goals. 

Our team - as well as our client base - is global, and we get to work with teammates across countries. We care about each other and learn from each other - and from our clients - every day. Our team's wellbeing matters to us, and we provide extra “wellbeing days" to rest, recharge and do what we love.


  • A fantastic combo of account manager and professional social media expert focusing on building the professional online presence of our clients. You love building strong relationships, managing quality content, and expanding our clients’ professional network and opportunities through social media.
  • You have a great eye for detail, are fluent in social media, and are interested in new social apps and SaaS technology.
  • You are a self-starter who is hungry for growth and opportunities to learn. You are curious, take initiative and come to any problem with creative solutions.


Customer Account Management

  • Serve as the primary strategic liaison and day-to-day contact for executives.
  • Serve as trusted resource throughout customer lifecycle by identifying expansion opportunities, ensuring renewals and advocating for customers.
  • Oversee the onboarding of new accounts to ensure successful launch and continual engagement.
  • Coordinate customer meetings on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Align with customer through Content Strategy Workshops, conduct Strategic Business Reviews, and other key meetings.
  • Understand customer outcomes by communicating with customers, analyzing performance metrics, providing updates on industry trends and impact on business success.
  • Represent the voice of the customer to provide input and feedback into core product, marketing and sales processes.
  • Continually reinforce value and deliver successful outcomes throughout the entire customer journey.
  • Own and manage the health of the customer relationship using established metrics and KPIs
  • Strive to create and maintain a strong customer relationship built on communication, transparency and trust.
  • Communicate sensitive information in a tactful manner, being thoughtful about selecting the right approach and medium.

Technical Acumen & Product Knowledge


  • Possess a working knowledge of social media platforms with a focus on LinkedIn, the role of executive thought leadership in that ecosystem, and best practices for growing an audience and supporting varied goals.
  • Act as a trusted advisor, thought leader, and subject matter expert to clients, ensuring that they get the most value from the platform with the aim of growing our customer base.
  • Educate clients on best practices related to social media and usage of the Qnary technology, with the ability to communicate changes and value.
  • Identify opportunities for product improvement.
  • Identify client growth opportunities by monitoring analytics, benchmarks and social media industry changes and trends.

Employment Type




  • Ability to communicate proficiently and build and nurture client relationships. Experience in a client facing role at a SaaS company, agency, or technology company is a plus.
  • Strong professional written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Experience including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. 
  • Understanding of social media analytics and paid media is a plus.
  • Must be able to work independently and in a team environment. Must be reliable with deadlines, proactivity, and projects.
  • Project management experience, cross-departmental working relationships.
  • Exceptional time management skills including the ability to handle multiple clients with changing priorities.
  • Able to work in fast-paced environments that embrace change and process improvement.
  • Ample opportunities for growth after 3-6 months within the Customer Success Associate role.