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The Audit and Monitoring Director to coordinate and oversee the Internal Audit activities within the Company.  Will conduct independent assessments of internal controls and compliance with regulatory guidelines and internal policies and procedures.  Will develop policies and procedures and oversee the implementation of compliance regulations into business processes. Will work closely with government agencies to ensure compliance with current laws. Will remain informed of new and pending legislation.

 The Audit and Monitoring Director to coordinate and oversee the internal audit activities within the organization. A successful Audit and Monitoring Director will demonstrate excellent communication skills, solid knowledge of auditing disciplines, strong analytical skills, strong leadership, and organizational skills.  The Audit and Monitoring Director will work closely with Compliance Officer to understand and anticipate operational and compliance issues and risks, and to determine proactive risk mitigation efforts. 


  •          Oversee the Plan’s audit function
  •          Conduct annual audit risk assessment and prepare risked-based audit work plan
  •          Conduct independent audits of the Plan’s operations and delegated vendors
  •     Planning and performing compliance, operational and financial audits
  •     Development of testing methodologies to evaluate the adequacy of controls and compliance.
  •          Prepare audit reports including making recommendations on corrective actions
  •          Present audit activities and results for Board Committee and executive management



Required Qualifications

  •          Degree in Accounting or Finance
  •          7+ years of health care audit and monitoring experience
  •          Risk assessment experience
  •          Knowledge of Medicare regulations and guidelines
  •          Excellent communication skills
  •          Strong interpersonal skills to interact with various levels of management
  •          Strong time management skills
  •          Proficient in Microsoft Office suite