DTx Pharma Inc. is an RNA medicines company founded in 2017 and located in San Diego, CA.  We are seeking highly motivated scientist(s) with experience in in vitro and/or in vivo pharmacology.  The successful candidate will be a critical player in our efforts to break open new therapeutic areas for RNA medicines. 


Assay development (Target engagement, PK)

Characterization of hit/lead candidates in vitro and in vivo.

Animal model characterization.

New target identification

Data analysis and presentation


MS or PhD with 3-5 years of experience post graduation, preferentially in a biotech or pharmaceutical company (but, not required).  Exceptional candidates with a BS degree will be considered.

Experience developing and executing in vitro assays (cell culture, transfection, qPCR, ELISA/Mesoscale, western etc.)

In vivo experience (dosing, model development and characterization etc.)

Knowledge of computer software and Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, GraphPad Prism)

Ability to work well in collaborative fast-paced team environment

Demonstrate problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

Optional but, a plus:  Experience in ophthalmology, CNS and/or muscle disorders. 

Optional but, a plus:  Experience with nucleic acid drugs (siRNA, Antisense etc.).

Compensation: Competitive salary, health and dental insurance, benefits, 401k, stock options, gym etc. 

Keywords: biologist, scientist, siRNA, biotech, pharmaceutical, drug development, drug discovery, preclinical, animal models, antisense, CRISPR, eye, CNS, neurons