Position Overview:

The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg (the Foundation) has a bold mission to achieve health equity through race equity. To be effective in this mission, the Foundation’s internal operations must be efficient, sophisticated and nimble. The role of Program Administrator (PA) is crucial to ensuring such efficacy so that the Foundation’s external impact can be maximized to its greatest potential.

The Program Administrator is a tech-savvy project manager and grants administrator who navigates the lifecycle of programmatic activities at the Foundation using Foundation systems.  In particular, the Fluxx technology platform hosts several key processes crucial to mission.  The Equity Thinker, Engagement Management System, the Policy Thinker, and grants are all housed on Fluxx, each of which needs special focus to maximize mission impact.  The PA ensures programs move timely through the stages of the grant’s or project’s lifecycle.  The PA also is responsible for administration and configuration of the Fluxx system.

Core Responsibilities:

Equity Thinker:  All ideas for strategy and mission impact, as well as all requests for Foundation resources, are processed through the Equity Thinker on Fluxx.  The PA is responsible for workflow management of the Equity Thinker, triage of ideas, prioritization of ideas for curation scheduling, and conducting due diligence as necessary.  The PA documents, in Asana, project plans developed by the iLead when an idea is approved in the ET Huddle and monitors the project plans monthly with the iLead.  The PA also manages grants that have been approved in the Equity Thinker, ensuring that reporting and payments are timely processed.  The PA is responsible for generating monthly reports, and additional reports as requested.

Engagement Management System (CRM):  The Foundation’s mission is dependent on engagement with community.  The CRM is the data base for documentation of engagement.  The PA will train staff on the CRM, be responsible for integration and implementation of CRM into the Foundation’s culture, and generate engagement reports as requested.

Policy Thinker:  The PA is responsible for the build out of the Policy Thinker in Fluxx and for training on that process when complete.  Similar to the Equity Thinker, the PA is responsible for workflow management and project plan documentation and monitoring in Asana.  In addition, reports will be generated as requested.

Grants Management:  The PA manages grants that have been approved in the Equity Thinker, including conducting due diligence on direct charitable activities, as needed, ensuring reporting and payments are timely processed, and effectively monitoring the grant funded projects.  This role is also the primary internal resource to provide financial staff with information to ensure the Foundation’s grantmaking complies with applicable IRS laws and regulations.  This includes generation and audit of reports required for the 990-PF, ensuring that all appropriate processes have been performed and documentation in place prior to recording grant awards and processing grant payment requests, ensuring appropriate IT controls over grant award and grant payment approvals, and managing compliance with expenditure responsibility requirements and the Foundation’s conflict of interest policy.

Fluxx Administration:  The PA is responsible for administration and configuration of the Fluxx system.  This includes revisions to filters and workflows in the various processes (ET, PT, CRM) as the need arises.  Each of these systems are in various stages and tweaking of filters and workflows is ongoing, as well as building upon existing workflows.  This also includes management of user permissions as authorized, oversight of integrations with other systems as needed, and coordination of Fluxx configuration/development activities with external consultants.

Office Technology Support. This role, in coordination with and at the direction of the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, provides light technology assistance for the staff. Technical know-how need not be extensive but must have a willingness to learn new systems and be a resource for fellow employees in mastering office equipment. For example, this individual may assist in onboarding new employees on the equipment and facilitate technology needs for virtual webinars and virtual or in-person office meetings. 

Other projects as assigned. Because of the Foundation’s lean staffing, this position is a utility player, able and ready to step into a variety of areas as a back up to others, including a back up to the Office Administrator, especially as it relates to reception and office support. At all times, this role requires a professional, friendly demeanor, adhering to Foundation protocols for engaging with the public.

·         Plans: The PA will work with the Director of Strategic Investments to monitor and revise the work flow for the Equity Thinker and for CRM. This process will require others to complete work prior to the PA being able to revise the processes. Therefore, the PA will work to promote a planning timeline that will result with the information needed.  The PA drives this process of planning, but is not responsible for the content.


·         Initiates: Project management requires an organizing influence and the PA serves this function at the Foundation. As a project manager over multiple projects, the PA must initiate the planning, complete the project timeline and flow, communicate this to others, and keep the Foundation team up-to-date. Initiation steps are also necessary related to the work flow and the preparation, maintenance, and up-to-date learning of the Fluxx software, as well as the Asana project management system. Any and all processes that involve internal and external people are initiated from the point of view of the person. The PA drives this process, but is not responsible for the content.


·         Coordinates: This is the central function of the position. Coordination means to take multiple and different elements of a complex process or system to enable the intended outcome to be achieved effectively with everyone understanding what is currently happening. As such, the PA will plan, drive, communicate, and be thorough with these processes. Since many of these processes are new, it will require some evaluation and quality assurance measures to learn as to the best possible outcomes. This coordination will include multiple other internal staff that have more and less authority than the coordinator so confirming and gaining buy-in to all processes from all participants is also certainly a component of coordination.


·         Organizes: The PA will organize all ideas, requests, applications, and granted entities. All of the work flow processes and the quality assurance feedback information will also be included in the assessment of the work flow processes. The PA will also co-create timelines and project plans for internal partners to keep projects on time and reviewed for impact.  The PA will also prepare internal updates at meetings about these processes and about approved initiatives.


·         Relates: The PA will report directly to the Director of Strategic Investments, while also responding to the Chief Equity Officer and President & CEO. This relationship puts complex power and reporting elements on the PA position requiring successful negotiation of relationships that involve multiple views, behaviors, and personalities of other people. Therefore, the PA must relate in a professional manner continually focused on the outcomes of 1) appropriate professional completion of the work; and 2) minimizing relationship issues among staff by utilizing successful relationship coordination practices.


·         Communicates: Uplifted, timely, and accurate communications in writing, verbally, and in presentations is expected from the PA.


·         Builds Reputation: The PA will be in communication with community requestors of resources that were funded and those that were not funded. The Foundation’s reputation depends upon the attitudes, style, and responsiveness of the Foundation staff and the PA will also be expected to build these into all communications.


·         Documents: The PA will document all required and related policies and procedures, and will ensure others are aware of them and trained. 


·         Data base management: The PA is responsible for managing data and statistics, ensuring the Fluxx system is running smoothly and accurately, and providing technical support to the community as needed related to the software.


·         IRS Due Diligence Responsibilities: The PA reviews 990-PFs and other crucial organizational documents. The PA uses documents and data to ensure appropriate due diligence on Foundation investments and throughout the grant cycle.


·         Vendor management: The PA coordinates and manages work with external Fluxx consultants employed by the Foundation. The PA monitors external consultants in their scope of work, holds external consultants accountable for their work, and develops agreed upon metrics, measurements and outcomes.




·         Bachelor’s degree required.

·         Professional and errorless writing skills.

·         Able to organize, prioritize multiple projects and meet deadlines in a time-sensitive environment.

·         Experience with grant administration a plus.

·         Experience with project management, planning, and implementation.

·         Experience with the Fluxx grantmaking system a plus.  Experience with CRM platforms a plus.  Tech-savvy and demonstrated expertise in utilizing technology a must.

·         Demonstrated skills and strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite of applications, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Teams.

·         Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

·         Proven ability to work independently and in a collaborative team environment.

·         Ability to respond quickly to change.

·         Ability to develop good working relationships with internal and external customers.

·         Demonstrated ability to work effectively under stressful conditions.

·         Ability to write the printed word, read and hear the English Language.

·         Ability to lift up to 25 lbs. and walk up one flight of stairs.

·         Ability to work a flexible schedule that will include evenings and weekends.