Position Overview:

The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg (Foundation) has a bold mission to end differences in health due to social or structural disadvantages to improve population health. The Community Engagement Advocate (CEA) is a full-time position that works collaboratively with Foundation staff, Community Grass Roots leaders, and Influencers to elevate and expand advocacy and partnerships on issues impacting race and health equity to improve population health in the St. Petersburg area. The position reports to the Director of Strategic Investments and works closely with internal teams and initiatives on a broad spectrum of Foundation strategies and programs, with an added emphasis on Latinx engagement and equity.

This job requires a deep understanding and comfort in dealing with race equity.  Successful candidates will be supported and guided through the race equity to health equity vision of the Foundation.

The successful CEA builds relationships, guides idea development, identifies & deploys necessary resources, magnifies and scales efforts, and assesses and defines the systems that require change to prevent continued systemic racism.  This requires the CEA to interact with team members and across departments, partner within and outside of the Foundation, and stay on track with idea curation and implementation, while maintaining strong relationships.  Each of these efforts have learnings that must be recorded and shared as they happen.

Core Responsibilities:

Strategy Development and Execution:

Curates community-led ideas and activities, and identifies opportunities. Oversees an assigned portfolio of projects, activities, and grants.  Actively identifies the highest and best use to strategically advance the Foundation’s mission.

Develops comprehensive plans for community engagement that support the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg’s immediate and long term community engagement vision.

Advocates for the effective use of community voices (lived experience) that is reflected in Foundation organizational decisions and strategies.

Develops research-based and evidence-based strategies that promote the development of co-created plans of action in partnership with community-led organizations, systems, and backbone collaborations that lead to systems change.

Builds a strong sense of community advocacy across sectors, populations, and systems in coordination/consultation with Foundation staff, partners, and listeners.

Actively communicates identified lessons, learnings and evaluation outcomes of all activities through data entry into the Equity Thinker (grant management and idea curation software), the CRM, and any and all databases requiring documentation to instill the learnings agency-wide.

Actively informs and collaborates with others throughout the Foundation using experience, expertise and judgment to magnify efforts.

Advocacy, Stakeholder Engagement, & Coordination:

Supports Foundation efforts in developing and implementing policy goals and advocacy strategies co-created with local partners.

Identifies opportunities for affiliated partners to support advocacy efforts with local and state governmental and education leaders, community stakeholders, philanthropist, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Builds and leverages strong professional relationships and influences key stakeholders.

Monitors the advocacy landscape and supports decision-making on adjustments to organizational goals, strategies, partnerships and approaches.

Gathers information from the community regarding what they want to see in their neighborhood. Works closely with community stakeholders and FHSP Learning Team to create evaluation measures for impact and sustainability discussion, and/or opportunities to scale ideas for broader community engagement.

In partnership with Foundation staff, monitors community feedback regarding ongoing satisfaction with the Center For Health Equity, shares with external stakeholders, and uses these voices to inform organizational strategy.

Plans and holds community meetings utilizing listening as a core strategy to achieve maximum understanding; strongly encourages and supports self-made community-led advocacy efforts.

Relationship Building:

Works closely with public and private organizations, and movements, to establish collaborative relationships between community institutions such as schools, community identified leaders, and community members such as neighborhood association leaders that ultimately support community impact.

Maintains current information related to strategic relationships using constituent relationship management (CRM), Fluxx grants management software, and other designated platforms as necessary.

Cultivates existing partner relationships and explores new opportunities.

Recruits participants for annual Foundations events and manages post-event engagement plans of action.

Identifies the creative use of social media platforms to increase community participation.

Core Values and Focus:

Understanding of the Race journey and key elements of BIPOC led community-based collaboration.


Responsible for the timely submittal of reports, documents, applications, contracts, and other due diligence as required.

Specific to this Community Engagement Advocate Job Description:

Specializes in the development of Latinx as a disproportionately impacted population affected by discriminatory systems and practices toward people of Latinx or Hispanic origin.

Identifies assets and builds upon those to create over time a county-wide Latinx equity movement to eradicate the equity gap for Latinx and Hispanic residents within Pinellas County.

Holds Listening sessions, seeks leaders, identifies and records lived experiences, becomes familiar with data in the social determinant of health areas sharing disproportionate data by race with the Latinx community.

Educates the internal Foundation team, the listening corps, and community partners.

Identifies leadership across the County from multiple sectors invested in championing the identification and eradication of social determinants of health in our County that disproportionately impact people of color.

Strategically assesses the assets and highlights the economic development components greatly impacting the mono-Spanish speaking community as well as any person color.

While this position has a specific emphasis on Latinx engagement and equity, this position supports a broad spectrum of Foundation strategies and also performs programmatic work which may not be specific or exclusive to Latinx communities.



·         Education – Master’s degree in public health or related field preferred. Candidates with strong experience in program design and community development will also be considered.

·         Bilingual and bicultural:  Fluent in English and Spanish with strong verbal and written skills in both languages.

·         Commitment – You are passionate about the boundless potential of the community and you are steadfast in your effort to provide highest and best use of community leadership with options for all; your decisions are consistently made through the lens of how race and health equity are integrated in the discussion, and the outcome

·         Service orientation – You are committed to providing high levels of support to various internal and external stakeholders

·         Drive and commitment to realizing results – You are action-oriented. You anticipate and work to overcome challenges, persevere in an interactive and emergent environment, meet goals, and seek lessons learned within an ongoing reflective practice. 

·         Creativity – You have experience solving complicated and multi-faceted problems and generating a variety of innovative, effective solutions.

·         Cultivating relationships and partnerships – You have a proven record of collaborating with community leaders/organizations and partners, to achieve ambitious goals; you quickly build trusting relationships and understand personal motivations; you value differing opinions and seek out dissenting perspectives to strengthen solutions.

·         Excellent communications skills – You can translate complex content to key decision-makers and stakeholders, adapting framing and messaging based upon the audience.  You demonstrate professional writing skills.

·         Comfortable setting your own path – You thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, and are able to strategically prioritize time and competing initiatives, focusing on those that will have the greatest impact in the community.

·         Constant learner – You seek to expand your knowledge, expertise, and skills and do so in a variety of ways, including attending training sessions, reading, listening to webinars and podcasts, etc.

·         Self-Growth – You crave feedback and identify what you need to excel, striving to constantly improve your interpersonal relations, emotional intelligence, and contribution to organizational culture.

·         Strong project management – You can balance the big picture with the necessary attention to detail while maintaining a high bar for quality and productivity.

·         Excellent management skills – You have a record of effectively empowering and managing yourself, and others to achieve ambitious goals.

·         Adaptable – You pivot nimbly in response to community and organization needs, are comfortable with change, and respond quickly.

·         Ability to work in St. Petersburg, FL., including travel to various meetings and trainings

·         Demonstrated skills and strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite of applications, including Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Teams and SharePoint.

·         Ability to work a flexible schedule that may include evenings and weekends.