Title: Solutions Specialist

      Reports to: Database Manager & Knowledge Curator

      Position type: Part-Time Staff, Remote (20 hours/week, $19,200 annual)

      Additional Benefits: 2 weeks vacation and $500 Technology Stipend

      Applications due: February 6, 2020 at 5pm EST 

      Final notifications by April 20, 2020

      Start Date: May 1, 2020

      About SJN and the Solutions Story Tracker®

      The Solutions Journalism Network (SJN)’s mission is to spread the practice of solutions journalism: rigorous reporting on responses to social problems. We seek to rebalance the news, so that every day people are exposed to stories that help them understand problems and challenges, and stories that show potential ways to respond. SJN trains journalists how to report on responses to problems in the world and continues to serve the journalism community.

      The success of SJN’s work has yielded a growing critical mass of solutions stories that needs archiving. In 2016, we launched a curated database of solutions journalism called Solutions Story Tracker, (https://solutionsu.solutionsjournalism.org/search), which now contains over 8,000 stories from over 1,000 newsrooms around the world. These stories produce immediate value for the people who come across them. We understand anecdotally that solutions journalism generates different sorts of conversations that can strengthen citizenship. They form a distinctive, higher-value asset: a real-time view showing how society is adapting to social challenges.

      It is important to note that SJN is a nonpartisan organization committed to transparency and editorial independence. With the database, we do not support or advocate for any particular idea, model, organization, or agenda.

      We are hiring for six positions. Each Solutions Specialist position will become an expert in one beat: Health, Environment & Agriculture, Democracy, Economic Equity, Education, or Criminal Justice. In addition, we are looking for candidates who have experience in specific skill-sets for ongoing and timebound projects.

      The Solutions Specialist is a key role that takes care of the growth, quality, and curation of the Solutions Story Tracker. We aim to make the database a distinctive knowledge asset that can provide high value to journalists, citizens, and actors across society. Through analysis, indexing, and curation of solutions journalism stories, our Solutions Specialists will be equipping society with the information that it needs to tackle today’s most pressing social problems, while acquiring valuable experience in the growing field of the digital humanities.

      Each person's responsibilities will be to:

      • Vet stories based on solutions journalism criteria

      • Tag stories using issue areas and more

      • Be resident expert of solutions journalism stories on a particular issue 

      • Source examples of solutions journalism for an assigned issue area

      • Curate collections of relevant and interesting solutions journalism for various audiences

      • Manage featured page(s) or other relevant story content for the SJN website

      • Oversee the quality assurance of the story database

      • Reflect on your learnings through presentations and projects

      • Engage with other Solutions Specialists on Slack and help answer questions

      • Train and manage contractors who will be hired as needed to help vet and tag stories to keep story queues at a healthy level. This includes managing invoices and contractors’ work performance.

      • Attend remote meetings, including weekly SJN and Knowledge Dissemination team meetings, and scheduled in-person meetings (which maybe 1-2 times a year)

      This position is part of a bigger puzzle in developing the dissemination of solutions journalism stories through SJN. Each one of these Solutions Specialists will apply their expertise and skills to make the Story Tracker a richer, more engaging, and innovative resource for our diverse constituency.

      Does this sound like your calling? We hope so:

      We’re an energetic, ambitious, and fun bunch. We want someone great to join us. We need focused entrepreneurs for this job, who see opportunities at every turn—and can execute upon them. We need people who know how to solve problems, with appetites for experimentation and appreciation for ambiguity.

      Diversity of perspective, identity, and experience is also incredibly important to us: We want to reflect and serve the whole of society. As a result, we encourage diverse applicants to seek employment, and we make all employment decisions without regard to race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factors protected by federal, state or local law. SJN is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

      Skills We Are Looking For:

      • Avid & Critical Reader: You love to critically engage with what you read, take it apart, and think about it analytically.

      • Driven & Dependable: You always get the job done and strive to get the best result possible with what you were given. You have excellent self-organization and time-management. You work well alone and with others.

      • Adaptable: We’re a fast paced organization experiencing a lot of growth, so you should be able to handle changes and learn new systems quickly.

      • Detail Oriented: You pay close attention to details, make important observations, and ask critical questions.

      • Thoughtful Communicator: You care about relationships and want to bring out the best in people in written correspondence and in person conversation.

      • Leadership: You have some previous management experience or experience being a leader.

      • Excellent Writer: You can succinctly summarize others’ writing and can write well without the need of an editor.

      • Passion for solutions journalism to build a better world through the dissemination of solutions journalism.

      Do you have skills that we haven’t thought of that you can bring to this job? Tell us how you can see this role benefit from your own individual experience.

      These are remote positions. We'd like our database team to have a diverse spread across the regional United States. At this time, we will only be able to hire applicants who are legally authorized to work in the United States.


      Applications due: February 6, 2020

      Interviews: February 11-March 20, 2020

      Final Notifications: April 20, 2020

      Start date: May 1, 2020

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