Artisan Biotechnologies: 

The mission of Artisan Biotechnologies is to engineer cell therapeutics that significantly improve patient outcomes.  To meet this mission, we are building a world-leading cell engineering foundry and partnering strategy that scales to address the complexity required by the largest indications.  We will know we have succeeded when we can reliably and rapidly operate our foundry to generate cell products that consistently produce positive outcomes in patients. 


At Artisan, we strive to recruit, hire, develop, and promote motivated, committed, and talented individuals.  All employees are expected to support our mission as well as our commitment to build a culture driven by collaboration, delivering on promises, experimentation and data, welcoming challenges, and celebrating innovation.


Essential Job Functions:  


The senior research associate will work together in a cross-functional team to support the design, screening and characterization of novel engineered cells for therapeutic applications. In support of this, the senior research associate should have extensive hands-on experience with the isolation of primary T-cells, culture and maintenance of primary T-cells, nucleofection of primary T-cells, screening and analysis of primary T-cells by flow cytometry, immunocytochemistry and transcriptome analysis.  The research associate will participate in the development and validation of new procedures and tests in the laboratory.

Specific tasks will include, but are not limited to:

  •      Isolation and culture of primary T-cells
  •      Nucleofection of primary T-cells
  •      Assist with the design and implementation of functional assays for primary T-cells, including flow cytometry, ELISA, cell-based assays and NGS technology.
  •      Culture and maintenance of suspension and adherent cell lines.
  •      Packaging of lentiviral and other viral particles.  To include preparation of transfer vectors, viral packaging and viral particle purification/concentration.
  •      General molecular biology techniques including but not limited to: CRISPR gene editing, molecular cloning, qPCR, Western blotting, DNA isolation and reagent preparation. 
  •      Operation and maintenance of fluorescence-activated cell analyzer, including; data acquisition for patient and research samples, calibration, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting.
  •      Data analysis, documentation and maintenance of test results according to lab procedures.
  •      Accurately produce and document all data.  This will include the use of an electronic laboratory notebook.
  •      Achieve expected results within established timelines.
  •      Other general administrative duties as required.
  •      Assume responsibility to assist others in the lab on a regular basis.
  •      Ensures clear lines of communication and expectations throughout the organization.
  •      Fosters a continuous improvement mindset within the organization, ensuring continued focus on capacity planning and optimized workflow.


Education and Experience:

  •        BS/MS in a Biological Science or related field with at least three years industry experience.
  •        Experience with the isolation, culture, and propagation of primary human T-cells.
  •        Practical experience performing high throughput nucleofection of primary human T-cells.  CRISPR gene editing experience preferred.
  •        Hands-on experience culturing and maintaining suspension and adherent cell lines.  IPSC experience a plus.
  •        Extensive knowledge of general molecular biology techniques including qPCR, ELISA, DNA/RNA isolation and molecular cloning.
  •     Experience operating flow cytometers and/or Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorters.
  •     Experience with data acquisition, data analysis, data presentation and documentation preferred.
  •     Position requires an ongoing commitment to upgrading of job skills. Must be able to work closely with others & possess solid interpersonal & communication skills.
  •     Capable of working in a fast-paced environment; effective in a diverse work group; willing to work in a rapidly changing work unit.
  •      Able to work independently on off-shifts, capable of handling stress of producing accurate results under time constraints; willing to accommodate schedule adjustments, as well as off-shift and weekend assignments as workload dictates.
  •      The ability to be flexible & adaptable to changing technology.
  •       Must be able to work independently.
  •      General lab skills and knowledge of lab safety.


Supervisory Responsibilities:



Physical Requirements: 

              Bending, stooping, sitting, lifting of 20 lbs. 

Salary Requirements:

           Band 4

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