Artisan is building a revolutionary platform for editing mammalian cells for therapeutic applications. We are seeking talented candidates to work on cutting-edge interdisciplinary projects involving immune cell engineering and phenotypic characterization. This Scientist will join the US (Louisville, ColoradoArtisan Development Labs team and will participate on commercial-facing therapeutic projects. 

Responsibilities and tasks: 


We are looking for a candidate with demonstrated expertise working with human primary T-cells. Specifically, the candidate should have practical, hands-on expertise in the isolation of primary T-cells, culture and maintenance of primary T-cells, nucleofection of primary T-cells, screening and analysis of primary T-cells by flow cytometry, immunocytochemistry and transcriptome analysis. The candidate will work together in a cross-functional team with opportunities to help design, screen and characterize novel engineered cells with a focus on developing therapeutic applications. 

Specific tasks will include: 


  • Isolation and culture of primary T-cells 
  • Lead the design and implementation of functional assays for primary T-cells, including flow cytometry and NGS technology. 
  • Set up a screening platform (including selection design) for primary T cells 
  • T-cell population modelling/Single Cell Immune Profiling 
  • Immunocytochemistry based characterization of primary T-cells 
  • Document experimental design and results in electronic lab notebooks 
  • Analyze and organize data to draw meaningful conclusions. 
  • Develop and support the submission of patents and other intellectual property 
  • Publish and present at professional meetings as appropriate. 




  • Excellence in independent problem solving 
  • Have deep laboratory experience within T-cell biology and their application to cancer therapy 
  • Have stem cell biology experience is a plus 
  • Have sc-RNA sequencing experience is a plus 
  • Enjoy sharing knowledge and experience with others 
  • Ability to lead multiple projects and support collaborations 
  • PhD degree or similar in cell biology, stem cell biology, immunology, biotechnology or equivalent with relevant experience as described above 
  • Experience with high-throughput methods and automation are desired, but not required 


Required Educational Background and Work Experience: 


  • Preferred PhD in life sciences, immunology preferred, and 3-5 years of industry experience 
  • Experience with isolating, culturing, maintaining, screening and freezing primary T-cells. Attention to detail and the ability to work individually, within a multi-disciplinary team in a matrix environment, as well as with external partners and vendors 


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