Mission for Client Services Manager

To serve as a leader in client services providing unrivaled service and development of innovative campaign strategies that result in retaining 90% of clients and driving 20% growth in year over year programmatic client media spend.


  • Retain 90% of clients on a yearly rolling average


     - Forge relationships and build client performance review and QBR strategies within 6 months of hire

     - Build and execute a system for client feedback using the Net Promoter Score via customer surveys within 6 months of hire

     - Build and execute client appreciation program within 9 months of hire

  • Increase year over year programmatic client media spend by 20%

     - Produce innovative data-driven strategies that increase programmatic investments in high-performing tactics and introduces new and emerging media channels for additional test budget in programmatic

     - Further develop and implement campaign optimization framework for assigned campaigns which may include programmatic, paid search, and paid social

  • Develop and execute paid search (PPC) sales strategy, campaign strategy, and optimization process

    - Develop go-to market sales solutions for our paid search media channel

    - Develop innovative campaign strategies that will help our clients reach their objectives

    - Develop and execute our paid search campaign optimization framework

    - Train colleagues on strategy and process

    - Manage the budget and software platforms at or below budget

  • Source four (4) "A" Players within first year of employment

    - Provide introductions to PrograMetrix leadership team on a quarterly basis

    - Target of referring at least one (1) "A" Player candidate per quarter into our hiring process

    - "A" Player to be defined as a candidate that passes first screening interview

Required Skills

  • 5+ years of client facing account management experience (Including in-person client presentations and pitch meetings)
  • 3+ years managing media campaigns in the Google Ads Platform
  • 1+  years building programmatic strategies and executing programmatic campaigns in RTB/DSP platforms (The Trade Desk platform preferred)

Preferred Skills

  • 2+ years managing campaigns in Facebook
  • 1+ years managing campaigns in LinkedIn
  • Experience managing projects in project management software

You exemplify and have a strong history of using the below competencies:

  • Critical & Strategic Thinking: You can evaluate a situation using logical thought and come up with the best solutions; You can be trusted to make the best decisions.
  • Strong Work Ethic/Efficiency: You are determined to succeed. You have a consistent and high-quality work product. You are highly productive by knowing how to prioritize.
  • Accountability: You accept responsibility for your activities, you disclose the results in a transparent manner, and you deliver as promised.
  • Enthusiasm/Passion: You LOVE what you do. You are excited to get out of bed in the morning to tackle the next challenge. You possess an intrinsic motivation that drives you to produce the best outcome even when you are frustrated or face obstacles.
  • Proactivity: You identify and explore opportunities when faced with potential problems and threats instead of waiting to address a problem at a later date.
  • Communication and Listening Skills: You are collaborative and listen to the other perspective before you speak. You feel comfortable giving a presentation to a boardroom full of clients. You can articulate your thoughts both verbally and in written format. 
  • Honesty/Integrity: You do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. You keep your promises and you tell the truth with aplomb. 

You embody PrograMetrix's core values:

  • Nothing Less Than Customer Success: You proactively anticipate the clients' needs and consistently under promise and over deliver.
  • Trust Through Transparency: You are honest and open with the team and clients; addressing issues in real-time with confidence and composure.
  • Togetherness Inspires Excellence: You actively seek out guidance and collaboration with the team and the client. You view coaching as an opportunity to grow and you tactfully give feedback.
  • Think Big, Stay Nimble: You bring big ideas to the table and embrace debate. You are flexible in your approach and execution.
  • Entrepreneurial Marketers at Heart: You actively work on improving your skill set and keep up with industry trends and news. You find innovative and creative ways to do more with less.
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