Our Values  

Blues Wireless is founded on engineering excellence. We know the velocity of the software engineering team has the biggest impact on the bottom line. We believe that high performing software teams satisfy customer requests faster, while doing it more often, recover from failure faster, and fail less. This means we push testing and security to the left to try to find defects as early as possible. We prefer pushing many small changes quickly over having a longer development cycle with larger releases. We leave ourselves clues via metrics, logs, and automated alerts to detect failures and debug them at speed. And we measure everything so we can verify how awesome it all is with confidence.  

Our Tech

We currently use Go, TypeScript, and the Hashicorp suite (Consul, Nomad, Packer, Terraform, Vault). A willingness to learn and experiment with new tech is much more important than hands-on experience with our current stack.  

What you'll do:
  • Work with your teammates to prioritize features, design the software, and break the design down into smaller tasks.
  • Write clean maintainable code and review your teammates' code for the same.
  • Thoroughly test your own code, from unit tests to automated end-to-end test.
  • Collect metrics and monitor that everything is working. Also leave a trail of structured logs.
  • Debug + repair the system if anything is broken
  • Be deeply concerned with our customers needs and why those needs exist  
  • Be a member of the initial launch team
  • Work remotely with a team that has been distributed from day 1

Who you are:
  • World class attention to detail and well organized. Was the kid with the neatest lab notebook.
  • Cares about their teammates and sets them up for success
  • Was the best on their team at architecture, debugging, writing the most readable code, or all of the above. 
  • Bonus - has experience on the ops side - networks + VPN, infrastructure as code, Linux, container orchestration, designing and deploying high availability systems to AWS or another cloud service provider. Double Bonus - experienced with security. Has been an impact player through a compliance audit (ISOX, SOX)
  • Triple Word Score - has experience on the automation side - CI/CD, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Selenium, automating All the Things 
  • Comfortable working remotely with a distributed team

Some Of Our Benefits:
  • Competitive salaries & equity
  • Heavily subsidized medical, dental, and vision
  • Unlimited PTO & flexible work schedules
  • Choice of equipment
  • Small, cross-functional team
  • Opportunities to Tech Lead a team
  • Strong emphasis on collaboration & mentorship

Why now is an Exciting Time to Join:

We're in private beta pushing toward our public launch! You will be part of shaping the product, processes and culture for years to come. And opportunities to Tech Lead an Eng team will become available very quickly. We need doers who are also leaders - come help us!

We are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users. This is something we value deeply and we encourage everyone to come be a part of unlocking the vast potential of cellular IoT.