On-site, Johannesburg, South Africa

Help us sort through our massive data set and answer the questions we don’t even know to ask. We have undertaken a large initiative to bring everything into a data lake and want to start surfacing dashboards for our clients/publishers, our business development teams, and our sales teams.

What your day will look like

We have a new set of dashboards we are rolling out against our current data lake. We are looking to extend functionality on these dashboards, taking in input from key stakeholders, as well as review existing data sets and identifying additional opportunities for reporting/visualization.

What we are looking for

Must have

  • Familiarity with ETL pipelines
    • Ideally this is with hands-on experience with AWS Athena/Glue, and familiarity with Parquet-based storage systems.
  • Experience in integrating third party data systems, e.g. supplementing, or pairing our existing data with third party data sources to bring in audience demographic data, etc.
  • Possible experience in BI/visualization using products like AWS Quicksight


Nice to have

  • Specific experience in streaming video, advertising and/or user behavior analysis
  • Experience with ML toolsets for data discovery and enrichment.

About OTTera

OTTera, a distinguished white label OTT service provider, with its headquarters in Los Angeles, draws upon a rich 14-year legacy of experience. We excel in providing customized OTT application and FAST channel development, global distribution, comprehensive monetization solutions, and everything in between to clients worldwide. With a team of over 50 spanning multiple continents, we provide a diverse range of thought, direction, and leadership.


At OTTera, we are actively seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our dynamic team. We welcome those who are passionate about contributing fresh perspectives, enhancing our capabilities to execute ongoing projects, and embracing the ever-changing challenges of our industry. Be a vital part of our mission to shape the future of content through our agile methods, strategic foresight, and expertise in this field.

Our core team is headquartered in heart of Los Angeles, and we have multiple team members around the world, including Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Delhi, New York, Paris, Dubai, Shenzhen, Cape Town, London, and Montevideo.



We pride ourselves on diversity and working with a worldwide team of people from different backgrounds. We have a very collaborative engineering team — we have formal standups twice a week, but also frequent informal standups and rubber-duck sessions to help chat through those sticky little issues we all run into. This is a fast-paced, dynamic environment — there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of different initiatives going on at once. Looking for folks that are organized, flexible, able to self-direct, ask the necessary questions, and help us keep building this amazing rocket as we’re flying it!