Animation can be a tricky slope to go down, unless you know the ins and outs of both gameplay and mathematics.  Ultimately, we want to transpose the real-time motion of our users onto avatars in a believable way and create believable characters.  If you are an experienced gameplay/animation programmer that is searching to put your skills at a challenge, come join our team!  Part of this process will be working closely with designers, who will provide the guidelines for the key features that you will be implementing.  Collaboration is important.  So, if you've got great ideas, then bring them to the table.


•  Design, implement and optimize avatar IK system

•  Research best practices and techniques related to full body IK

•  Work with the gameplay and design team in order to improve overall player virutalization.

•  WDevelop, support and streamline the connections between technical animation, AI, physics and network systems.

•  Rapid prototyping


•  Bachelor of Science or Engineering in an accredited college or university

•  3 years of experience as an animation programmer or similar role

•  2 years of development experience in UE4 preferred

•  Solid understanding of the maths and physics involved in IK systems.

•  Strong C++ skills

•  Previous experience with developing either 2 and 3 points IK systems and/or fullbody IK

•  Familar with best practices of software development

•  Great interpersonal, oral, and written skills

•  Adaptable to evolving corporate culture

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