As the Automation/Infrastructure Engineer, you will setup the framework for generating builds on a daily basis.  This will involve defining the pipeline, establishing the workflow, implementation, vigilant troubleshooting, and ongoing collaboration.  Successfully creating the build environment will improve the efficiency of development, and help the team reach their goals.


•  Establish an automated build process for cloud, local servers, or both for QA, demos, and venue setups across multiple machines

•  Create separate environments such as sandbox, integration, staging, and production

•  Setup continuous integration

•  Oversee merging/branching within Perforce

•  Support code validation, and unit/integration testing

•  Diagnose, and resolve build issues

•  Setup tools for monitoring the software and hardware health

•  Document the pipeline, and workflow

•  Collaborate with all parties checking in code or assets into Perforce


•  Bachelor of Science or Engineering in an accredited college or university

•  3 years of experience as Automation/Infrastructure Engineer or similar role

•  Experience in UE4 a plus

•  Experience with Perforce 

•  Experience with cloud infrastructure and security

•  Experience with automated build systems such as Jenkins, or equivalent

•  Strong C++, and Python skills

•  Great interpersonal, oral, and written skills

•  Adaptable to evolving corporate culture

Additional Notes

•  No visa will be issued for this role

•  Candidate must live within a reasonable distance from the L.A. office

•  Given the current pandemic, individuals will be working from home.  Afterwards, the number of remote days will be decided upon.