REDPILLVR offers a distinctive platform for music and artists to virtually perform live, creating mind bending digital worlds. Making performances more accessible than ever by transcending time and space. REDPILL CANADA is building the capabilities to connect tens of millions of users during live and pre-recorded events. 

Job Description

As a Level Designer, you will participate in the ideation phase for virtual worlds, and ensure each is implemented in the best possible manner. Contribute to iteratively refine the design of the world and related mechanics. Procure ongoing feedback, and pivot as necessary. Collaborate with the Lead Level Designer, Creative Director, artists, designers, and engineers. Successfully provide an intuitive, engaging, and entertaining experience.


• Execute design direction of the Creative Director and Lead Level Designer

• Participate in the ideation phase to design worlds and features

• Write specifications, and solicit approval from key partners

• Develop high quality features, and game systems that represent the brand

• Guide the game balancing endeavor

• Evaluate existing game mechanics in other video games

• Develop each map in the platform, which includes creating the layout, integrating content, etc.

• Collaborate with artists, designers, and engineers


• 2 years of experience as a Level Designer or similar role

• Familiar with the design of various game levels and mechanics across a multitude of current and past games

• Strong understanding of game development processes

• Knowledge of design methodologies

• Ability to create highly structured, game design documents

• Knowledge of art, design, and engineering pipelines

• Great interpersonal, oral, and written skills

• Adaptable to evolving corporate culture

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