REDPILL offers a distinctive platform for music and artists to virtually perform live, creating mind bending digital worlds. Making performances more accessible than ever by transcending time and space. REDPILL is building the capabilities to connect tens of millions of users during live and pre-recorded events. 

Job Description

As an Environment Artist, you will transport players into vibrant destinations that will captivate their senses and imagination. Leverage every landscape reference that covers a multitude of ages, locations, and cultures. Create, refine, and iterate until the highest visual standard is reached. Be a part of the team that will help people escape reality and enter an exciting virtual domain.


• Model, and texture environments based off conceptual designs

• Create foliage, buildings, terrain, sky boxes, etc.

• Factor in draw calls, poly counts, memory, etc. to achieve performance requirements

• Fulfill visual expectations, and elevate to highest standards

• Collaborate with design, and art departments


• 3 years of experience as an Environment Artist or similar role

• 2 years of development experience in UE4

• Expertise in Maya, 3DMax, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Photoshop

• Strong understanding of game development processes

• Proficient in optimizing art assets

• Familiar with current art techniques and work pipelines

• Knowledge of 3D modeling, texturing, and lighting

• Great interpersonal, oral, and written skills

• Adaptable to evolving corporate culture

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