Minim is a SaaS platform for Internet Service Providers and consumers to simplify management and increase the security of the home network.  Minim believes that automated testing and a state of the art automated test system are as important to Minim’s success as key product features.  Minim’s solution underpins people’s home networks and it is vital that Minim’s solution work reliably and never cause the home network to go offline or fail to work.  In addition the service providers rely on Minim to vouch for the performance of not only the Minim solution but also the underlying OEM wifi router(s).

The  QA Developer develops Minim’s automated test systems. The person in this role will be responsible for developing and improving Minim’s automated test systems for testing and profiling OEM routers.  The person in this role will be responsible for working with product owners and other developers on the Minim team to make sure that Minim delivers a quality product to its customers and that quality is maintained as Minim develops new software and features. Today Minim supports over 10 different router models. That number is quickly growing. In the near future Minim will support over 100 different router models.  The only way in which Minim will be able to successfully scale the number of router models supported is by using automated tests. The person in this role will be designing and writing the code that will power Minim’s test systems. The person in this role will also be writing and developing code in Minim’s product to make Minim’s solution more testable.


  • Setup and develop Minim’s automated test system using the following languages and tools: Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Docker, CDRouter, and AWS.
  • Improve test coverage by writing tests that will confirm that MInim’s solution works correctly on all OEM routers that Minim supports.  Our test coverage goal is 100% of Minim’s OEM router based features tested on 100% of Minim’s supported routers.
  • Develop a certification process that Minim can use to automatically certify the quality of a WiFi router
  • Develop tests to measure the performance of the OEM WiFi router and to check that the Minim’s solution has not altered or degraded that performance as new Minim software and firmware is released


  • 2-5 years working as a full stack developer
  • Understanding of networking and networking concepts
  • Understanding of wifi and radio based technologies
  • Experience with Docker, Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Elasticsearch, AWS
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related
  • Agile and creative in workstyle with successful startup experience
  • Excellent communicator
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