is a cloud automation company - we detect production issues with hardware & software and automatically resolve them. Companies today are seeing an explosion in their infrastructure as their businesses grow with much slower growth in their DevOps teams. To close this gap, Shoreline has created the world's first production operations platform that provides powerful real-time debugging and tools for automating incident remediation.

Shoreline recently launched a new tool, Incident Insights: and are rapidly hiring engineers to join this new team. Incident Insights ingests PagerDuty and OpsGenie data, applies ML to automatically cluster the incidents, and then surfaces the top problems for automation.

We are looking for software engineers with experience in frontend development, backend development, data pipelines, and machine learning to join the team. Insights is both a systems and machine learning project - team members must work on the system end to end. The system is developed in python and javascript.

What you'll be doing

  • Improving end to end customer experience by implementing new reports, extending existing reports, and enhancing the UI. 

  • Integrating Incident Insights with our core platform to create an end to end automation engine. 

  • Developing data pipelines for PagerDuty, Opsgenie, ServiceNow, and other ticketing tools.

  • Enhancing machine learning clustering algorithms with natural language processing, hierarchical clustering, and data mining. 

  • Improving overall systems performance by adjusting hardware types, tuning sql queries & indices, optimizing algorithms, and adding caches.

  • Participating in product and system design conversations and co-write design docs to guide overall Incident Insights development. 

What you should have

  • Bachelors and masters degree in computer science, statistics, electrical & computer engineering, data science, or related technical field.

  • Experience in computer science, data structures, algorithms and software design.

  • Experience in software development and coding in a general purpose programming language with emphasis on Python and/or Javascript/Typescript. 

  • Experience with optimization such as linear regression, time series (e.g. ARIMA), decision trees (e.g. XGBoost), or statistical robustness (E.g. A/B testing).  

  • Experience with databases such as Postgres, Redshift, and/or Redis. 

  • Experience with development tools for CI/CD such as Github, Jenkins and/or shell scripts. 

  • Experience developing large scale systems that process logs, tickets, or other semi structured data via ETL data pipelines.  

  • Experience tuning systems to increase performance via improving data structures, parallelization, or tuning data models. 

Happy to see you are still with us, let’s get to know each other better

So, we start first 

What about you?

Please reach out to to learn more about Shoreline and the opportunities here and share your interests and goals or fill in the form and we will reach out to you.

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