Shoreline is transforming how companies manage production operations by making it as easy to manage 10,000 servers as it is to manage 1 server.  Companies today are seeing an explosion in their infrastructure as their businesses grow with much slower growth in their DevOps teams. Shoreline has created the world's first production operations platform that provides powerful real-time debugging and tools for automating incident remediation. Shoreline is helping improve availability and customer experiences while reducing toil for site reliability engineers.

Shoreline was founded in 2019 by veteran AWS technologists and operators who built and maintained mission critical databases and cloud services that ran on millions of hosts using self-tuning feedback control systems. We are headquartered in the Bay Area with employees around the world. Our Series B funding was led by Insight Partners with participation from Dawn Capital, bringing total funding raised to $57M.  

Culture is a big component of ap. At Shoreline, we believe in bringing each of our unique viewpoints and approaches to solve tough problems. At Shoreline, you will find extremely intelligent, driven Shoreliners who are humble, curious, open-minded and collaborative.  We are looking for individuals with a strong commitment to ‘the team’ and a willingness to pitch in as needed.

What you'll be doing

  • Developing a high performance feedback control system that analyzes signals about system health and automatically runs commands to fix discovered issues.  

  • Implementing a real time, distributed time series database.

  • Defining the Op Lang including syntax and semantics, and then implementing the language tool chain and standard library. 

  • We program in Go, Python, Rust, and Elixir. We leverage sqlite, JAX, XLA, and Antlr. We deploy to AWS and Kubernete


What you should have

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.

  • Experience in computer science, data structures, algorithms and software design.

  • Experience in software development and coding in a general purpose programming language (Python, Java, Go).

Bonus Points

  • Experience working with a cloud technology stack (E.g. AWS, GCP, Azure) in particular distributed systems 

  • Excitement about writing high performance, low resource usage code that runs cross platform 

  • Experience working on real time, large scale systems, in particular time series storage, retrieval, and analysis

  • A love of language design & implementation and an understanding of language tool chain such as lexing, parsing, type checking, and planning.  

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