Ready to design the unbuilt?

A bit about our purpose and who we are 

Shoreline incident automation is a game change in the IT space enabling SREs to interactively debug at scale, quickly build remediations to eliminate repetitive work and minimize outages

We are a relatively small yet highly effective engineering team that truly cares about the product and each other.

Together we are building a product which gives back time for what matters most to every SRE out there, and we keep our promise to reduce the operational costs for organizations around the globe.

Recently, we closed a $35 million series B investment to transform production operations into a better world.

As part of Shoreline team, you’ll have the opportunity to

  • Contribute to a revolutionary technology and product for people like yourself 

  • Apply industry DevOPS practices to streamline operations for internal engineering

  • Extend your expertise to all 3 cloud providers AWS, GCP, Azure

  • Contribute to tools selection for various purposes

  • Improve CI and CD pipelines for speed, extensibility, relevance and reliability

  • Define and automate usage of internal / external tooling and management for a variety of environments hosted in all 3 cloud providers AWS, GCP, Azure

What you'll be doing

  • Focus on engineering internal enhancements and enablement

  • Ensure and automate any repetitive internal engineering need(access, environment configuration, environments setup, provisioning  and monitoring) for AWS, GCP, Azure

  • Ensure reliable, efficient and scalable SDLC 

  • Improve CI and CD pipelines for speed, extensibility, relevance and reliability

  • Define and update configuration for new hardware and software

  • Automate for cost efficiency while using AWS, GCP, Azure

  • Advice engineering teams on cloud specifics and usage

Examples of some projects accomplished by early stage engineers here:

Who you are

  • DevOPS or SysAdmin practitioner

  • Excellent knowledge and very comfortable with Linux OS 

  • Fluent in a scripting language; bash preferred

  • Familiar with transition from manual practices to automation 

  • Familiar with networking

  • Familiar with one cloud provider AWS / GCP / Azure

  • Familiar with SDLC stage 

  • Familiar with CI and CD pipeline purpose and configuration 

Happy to see you are still with us, let’s get to know each other better

 So, we start first :)

What about you?

Please reach out to to schedule an informational two-way chat to learn more about Shoreline and the opportunities here and share your interests and goals or fill in the form and we will reach out to you.

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