Op Packs - DevOPS engineer

Shoreline’s goal is to make on-call better. We’ve built a platform for rapid automation that lets you automate away toil rapidly! It runs across clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP) and platforms (K8s, VMs).

If you’ve deployed, monitored, and debugged applications, databases, and other infrastructure and understand the challenges of being on call, then Shoreline is an excellent fit for you! Be part of the group that is making on-call better for everyone in DevOps & SRE. 

Shoreline is hiring Site Reliability Engineers to build an elegant, transparent automation layer on top of multiple platforms, including AWS, GCP, Azure, VMware, and Kubernetes. We call our automation Op Packs, and in this role, you’ll be part of the Op Packs team.  

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What you'll be doing

  • Writing automation scripts for common operational issues on AWS, Azure, GCP for Kubernetes and VMs
  • Becoming deeply knowledgeable of Kubernetes, cloud platforms, and Linux
  • Critiquing the Shoreline Op language and user interface - you’ll guide how we improve the system
  • Configuring the gathering of metrics
  • Configuring Alarms on metrics
  • Deploying applications to Kubernetes and virtual machines (ec2)
  • Designing test suites for automation
  • Creating automation tests through CI/CD
  • Deploying test applications using whatever our customers want to automate (e.g., ElasticSearch, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Tomcat, Presto, Nginx, etc.)
  • Publishing your automation as Op Packs within our open-source repo
  • Setting up test Kubernetes clusters and reconstructing other environments for testing
  • Configuring IAM roles and permissions

What you should have

  • Well versed at interacting with computers through a CLI
  • Strong knowledge of bash and shell scripting
  • 3+ years administering Linux servers (OpenSSH, NFS, bind, Nginx/Apache, or other similar applications)
  • Deep knowledge of at least one distribution of Linux (Ubuntu, Centos, Amazon Linux, RHEL, Debian, etc.)
  • Used at least one major cloud platform (AWS, Azure, or GCP)
  • 3+ year Kubernetes experience in production deployments
  • 2+ years experience using Terraform
  • Experience configuring CI/CD pipelines (e.g. GitHub actions, CircleCI, Spinnaker, or the equivalent)
  • Experience building Docker container images
  • Some experience writing tests using a framework (e.g., pytest, Selenium, etc.)

How to Apply

Please email a resume to joe@shoreline.io and include a description of a painful on-call experience and how you fixed it.