QA Engineer (Manual)

Full time, multiple positions

Shoreline provides real-time automation and control for cloud operations. Operators use Shoreline to orchestrate real-time debugging and automated repair across their fleets and services, reducing tickets and improving availability. As a Software Engineer at Shoreline, you’ll get to work on tools that give them leverage in their work.

We are a small, yet highly effective engineering team made up of team members who truly care about the product and each other.

As part of this team, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Create testing-related documentation, including test plans, test cases/scripts, and bug reports assessing quality and associated risk
  • Develop deep expertise in the product
  • Conduct QA tests and verify outcomes within schedules/timelines
  • Identify and present the technical trade-offs and risks of different testing approaches in a meaningful way


  • 2+ years of QA experience
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with smoke, and bash scripting, sanity and regression testing of Web Apps
  • Excellent understanding of QA Concepts like black box testing, white box testing, unit testing
  • Experience in writing test cases and test scenarios that cover both sanity and in-depth testing including and not limited to boundary, negative, compatibility and concurrency tests
  • Strong analytical skills (debugging, tinkering)
  • Great team attitude and up for fast paced working environment
  • Test planning, system testing (system requirement verification), end-to-end testing and performance testing

Nice to Have

  • Studies in computer science, mathematics or other related domains
  • Exposure to API Testing tools such as Postman 
  • Experience with SQL and bash scripting
  • Experience with Atlassian products like Jira is an advantage
  • Experience in a SaaS environment that has an Agile development process

Get to know us

At Shoreline, we believe work matters when it is useful – that the time we spend building is recovered a thousandfold in the time saved by our customers no longer doing unproductive manual tasks. We believe, to do our best work, we need to bring our whole selves to work – and be both accepted and respected for doing so. We believe doing something significant requires taking risks and accepting failures. We work at Shoreline because we want to participate in creating the environment in which we thrive.

We operationalize this by establishing core values by which we measure ourselves. In our performance reviews, we assign equal worth to how well employees exemplify our values as we do to the work they’ve produced. We are growing quickly. When interviewing candidates, we care as much about their fit to our culture as we do their ability to do the work. We strive to hire people better than ourselves, both on ability and on culture.

      1. Empathy: We listen to our customers, our colleagues, and ourselves. We strive to understand what is important to others and to help them in meaningful ways. We focus outwards, not upon ourselves.

      2. Curiosity, Creativity, and Courage: We use our curiosity to understand what is known. We use our creativity to  envision what could be. We use our courage to realize this future, even when uncomfortable.

      3. Perseverance: We trust each other to do their work, and we believe in ourselves to do our own. We do what is necessary to succeed, carrying others along as required. We never give up, knowing we will find a way.

      4. Humility: We don’t focus on our past accomplishments or failures. We treat each day as an opportunity to do better and become better. We seek out feedback and consider it a gift when provided.

      5. Alacrity: We believe in making decisions quickly. Decisions are usually reversible while time cannot be recovered.

      6. Delivery: We are builders. We are aggressive when setting goals, understanding that setting small goals leads to mediocrity. We commit fully to meeting the goals we set.