Company Overview 


With the rise in deployment frequency, shift to microservices, and increasing business expectations, operations teams are struggling to handle ticket volumes and meet service level objectives. Despite the current observability and automation tools on the market today, the diagnosis and remediation of issues continues to be slow and mostly manual.  This is unsustainable.

Shoreline Software is a stealth-mode DevOps startup focused on reducing operational pain.  Founded in 2019 by veteran AWS operators who built and operated mission critical databases and cloud services that ran on millions of hosts using self-tuning feedback control systems, Shoreline’s mission is to help operators reduce tickets and improve service availability by an order of magnitude through automation.

Headquartered in the Bay Area with employees around the world, Shoreline raised a significant Series A round from notable investors including NTTVC and Canvas Ventures. We are well-funded with several years of runway. 


Director of Product Management

Bay Area 

Reporting to VP Product




As the first hire reporting to the VP Product, this role will drive product innovation, strategy and product management processes.  Specific responsibilities include: 


·    Understand where end-users spend the majority of their time, the challenges they face, the features they value, and identify what could be transformed by using Shoreline’s technology

·    Capture user stories and create use cases that matter the most to Shoreline’s end user

·    Perform detailed analyses that link concrete customer pain points to products, features and market opportunities

·    Manage various internal and external resources to determine the ideal customer interactions and use these insights to work closely with Engineering to make feature versus schedule tradeoffs

·    Engage with the broader DevOps user community via Slack to get quick feedback on product features

·    Work with Engineering to design solutions that delight the end user

·    Develop and instrument metrics into the product that will help understand end user usage

·    Participate in daily standups and swim lane meetings with Engineering to support product delivery

·    Establish proper feedback loops into Engineering, Sales and Marketing





·       Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering or equivalent experience

·       Minimum of 5 years of work experience

·       Minimum of 3 years of relevant technical product management experience in a DevOps focused SaaS company

Specific Skills:

·       Experience developing use cases

·       Experience developing and instrumenting metrics to understand end user usage to drive product

Analytical and Strategic Skills:

·       Analytical and strategic with strong business acumen 

·       Metrics-driven

Execution and Delivery Skills:

·       Ability to make informed decision quickly

·       Results-oriented with a bias for action 

·       Consistently met target objectives and goals

Leadership Skills:

·       Have driven impactful product initiatives 

Communication Skills:

·       Efficient and clear communicator in both written and verbal formats

·       Ability to synthesize complex ideas into compelling and actionable recommendations

·       Strong listening skills. Displays empathy when interacting with customers and colleagues alike.

Organizational Fit:

·       Prior experience working in a dynamic startup environment where engineers are geographically dispersed across at least two locations

·       Demonstrated success in a fast-paced, data-driven and highly collaborative environment

·      Ability to work cross-functionally with Engineering, Sales and Marketing

Cultural Fit:

·       Demonstrates a love of technology and a desire to continuously learn new things.

·       Displays a strong sense of optimism, coupled with a good dose of humility and maturity

·       Naturally curious 

·       Open-minded and creative brainstormer and problem solver

·       Scrappy and hands-on, detail-oriented

·       Comfortable with ambiguity and risk inherent in an early stage startup environment

·       Willingness to set and achieve aggressive goals.

·       Demonstrates a strong commitment to the team and willingness to “pitch in” as needed

·       Perseveres when faced with challenges and identifies creative solutions to problems



Competitive package which includes base, equity and benefits.