Ready to build the unbuilt?

A bit about our purpose and who we are 

Shoreline incident automation enables DevOps engineers to interactively debug at scale and quickly build remediations to eliminate repetitive work and minimize outages

Operators use Shoreline to orchestrate real-time debugging and automated remediation across their fleet and services, reducing tickets and improving systems availability along with keeping a healthy work-life balance for themselves.

We are a relatively small yet highly effective engineering team that truly cares about the product and each other.

As part of this team, you’ll have the opportunity to

  • Contribute to product evolution with ideas 

  • Interact and validate smooth and meaningful integrations with top products designed for operational field (just naming a few categories: observability - DataDog, incident management, fluent communication-Slack, etc)

  • Get familiar with SRE practices 

  • Develop deep expertise in distributed systems operating loads of raw data, data transformation and projections in real time

  • Get familiar with cloud providers(AWS, Azure, GCP) managed services, as well as Kubernetes and Docker

  • Have organizational visibility and get to influence the product and roadmap

What you'll be doing

  • Contribute to product capabilities definition across teams

  • Contribute to the company wide testing strategy 

  • Create testing-related documentation, including test plans, test approach, test cases and bug reports assessing quality and associated risk

  • Build testing frameworks to be used in the organization by other engineers, including yourself, for areas such as UIs, REST APIs, process automation and performance validation

  • Build a reliable fast feedback loop by integrating automation testing in CI and discovery pipelines

  • Make use and improve the current tech stack: Cypress, TypeScript, Spinnaker, Jenkins, Jira, Qase

Examples of some projects validated by early stage QA engineers:

Who you are

  • Hungry and passionate about contributing to innovative software to create a large scale impact for customers in a highly untapped space

  • Detail oriented, so you manifest a genuine care about the end users

  • A critical thinker continuous discovery and improvement is your second nature

  • Self driven to define the testing scope, build the test approach that cover both sanity and in-depth testing including but not limited to 

  • Used to build testing frameworks for fellow engineers 

  • Fluent in a programming language

  • Clean and sharp on describing what works and what doesn’t based on various scenarios

  • Experienced in web based UI validation via code

  • Experienced in web based API validation via code

  • Familiar with SQL

  • Familiar with security validation

  • Familiar with CI, CD and discovery pipelines

  • Aware of, worked with some, managed services usage from at least one cloud provider(AWS, Azure, GCP)

  • Aware of IaC, you will learn more as part of the team 

  • Excited and eager to dive into and validate challenging integration projects

  • Attracted to the fast pace, breadth, and depth of learning and growth at a well-poised emerging product.

Happy to see you are still with us, let’s get to know each other better

So, we start first 

What about you?

Please reach out to to schedule an informational two-way chat to learn more about Shoreline and the opportunities here and share your interests and goals or fill in the form and we will reach out to you.

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