Full time, onsite or remote, multiple positions

Shoreline provides real-time automation and control for cloud operations. Operators use Shoreline to orchestrate real-time debugging and automated repair across their fleets and services, reducing tickets and improving availability. As a Software Engineer at Shoreline, you’ll get to work on tools that give them leverage in their work.

We are a small, yet highly effective engineering team made up of team members who truly care about the product and each other. 

We are driven by the passion to improve operational burden and if you share our passion, care about writing great code and providing great user experience and have built web-based data visualization tools that drive decision making, we would love to talk to you.

What you'll be doing:

 Designing the architecture for the Shoreline web app.

 Building a highly performant web app for real-time monitoring and analysis.

 Applying your web app design knowledge to build the best user experience possible.


Required skills:

 Experience building web apps and single-page apps (SPA) using using ReactJS and TypeScript.

 Excellent English verbal and written proficiency.

Bonus points:

 Experience building production systems, with version control and test pipelines. 

 Experience working with one or more cloud platforms including AWS, GCP, and Azure.

 Familiarity with CI/CD tools such as GitHub, Jenkins, Circle.ci, Spinnaker, etc.

 Experience with Kubernetes.

 Experience with DevOps including debugging production systems.

 Strong object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, and functional design skills.

 Experience with D3.js

How to apply

If interested, please design and implement a solution to the following problem in React and TypeScript.

Use source control for your solution and include a link to the repository.  If you do not want to apply

using this web system, email the solution (attach or include a link to your repo/gist) and a resume to

cristina@shoreline.io. Include "Software Engineer - UI" in the subject of your email.

Create a stock price web app using Yahoo Finance, Alpha Vantage, or any other Stock Quote provider. On your app, a user provides a stock symbol to see the price of the stock plotted on a chart. The time period shown in the chart should be customizable. Users should be able to overlay an average on the chart.

If you have any clarifying questions, please email cristina@shoreline.io.