• Software Engineer (Distributed Systems and Platforms)

    Full-time, on-site or remote, multiple positions

    Shoreline incident automation enables DevOps engineers to interactively debug at scale and quickly build remediations to eliminate repetitive work and minimize outages. As a Software Engineer at Shoreline, you’ll get to work on tools that give SREs and operators leverage in their work.

    We are a small yet highly effective engineering team that truly cares about the product and each other.

    As part of this team, you’ll have the opportunity to:

    • Build products that genuinely improve operational and SRE work, improve availability, and dramatically reduce time to resolution
    • Use modern development practices and get exposure to a variety of languages, platforms, and technologies
    • Have organizational visibility and get to influence the product and roadmap

    What you'll be doing

    • Implementing a fault-tolerant distributed runtime for Shoreline Op, a purpose-built operations-oriented language designed to allow operators to debug operational events and automate remediations interactively 

    • Integrating with platforms (such as Kubernetes, VMware) and cloud providers (such as AWS, Azure, GCP) to provide fully automated discovery, monitoring, and management of resources across a customer’s environment

    • Building systems with arbitrary scale in mind, e.g., millions of nodes

    • Developing the Shoreline Agent that runs on customers’ machines to monitor and execute corrective actions with minimal footprint and continually push the envelope on performance

    Examples of some projects accomplished by early stage engineers here:

    Who you are

    • Hungry and passionate about building innovative software to create a large scale impact for customers in a highly untapped space

    • Excited and eager to dive into challenging and interesting computer science problems in areas such as core backend development, distributed systems, SRE/DevOps, scalability, cloud, and performance optimization

    • Attracted to the fast pace, breadth, and depth of learning and growth at a well-poised startup

    Get to know us

    How To Apply

    Please reach out to adnan@shoreline.io to schedule an informational two-way chat to learn more about Shoreline and the opportunities here and share your interests and goals.