Pairwise is a mission-driven food+tech company dedicated to building a healthier world through better fruits and vegetables. Founded in 2017 by eminent scientists in the gene editing and biotechnology fields, Pairwise holds licenses from Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital to base editing and high-fidelity enzymes. We also are tuned in to consumer food trends, and we believe that consumers deserve more variety and innovation in their fresh food choices. Our team is primed to deliver that innovation through one of the best gene-editing platforms in food and agriculture. Pairwise has an exclusive 5-year research collaboration with Bayer to develop products in corn, soybean, wheat, canola, and cotton. Plus, Pairwise is developing new types of leafy greens, berries, and stonefruit, with the first product expected in early 2022. Pairwise is based in the start-up friendly Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina.

Pairwise is seeking a highly-dedicated research scientist to join the Genome Editing Technologies – Protein Science team and be part of our technology and product development. The research scientist will use expert knowledge of gene editing technologies including CRISPR, base-editing, and DNA repair to invent new enzymes. The successful candidate will join a dynamic team of PhD scientists and research associates to contribute to development and optimization of novel gene editing technologies. The research scientist will work in a highly collaborative, cross-functional environment towards team and company goals. Your contribution will be critical to help Pairwise meet technology and product development goals, and to build a culture where science is fun.

Essential Functions

  • Invent novel enzymes able to edit eukaryotic DNA at specific genomic locations
  • Design CRISPR-directed gene editing enzymes (tools) to affect precise DNA sequence changes
  • Use Next Generation Sequence data to evaluate tool efficacy in plant and non-plant eukaryotic cells
  • Collaborate closely with molecular biology and crop scientists to test tools in high-value crops
  • Advise the pipeline of tool efficacy and recommend enzymatic tools for enacting specific DNA changes to generate desired alleles in diverse crops
  • Collaborate across R&D to drive discovery of new technologies, intellectual property, and optimizations that increase the efficiency of precise gene editing

Required Education and Experience

  • PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, or related field
  • A record of inventing or substantially improving gene editing technologies, enzymes, or tools
  • Publications of peer reviewed manuscripts and/or patents directly relating to gene editing, CRIPSR/Cas technologies, DNA editing, DNA repair, or related technologies indicating expertise in the field
  • Experience in adherent eukaryotic cell culture and transfection
  • Ability to interpret Next Generation Sequencing data to evaluate tool performance
  • Demonstrated ability to lead projects and contribute collaboratively in a cross functional environment 
  • Ability to communicate effectively to other scientists, business partners, and collaborators
  • Experience and knowledge in laboratory safe practices, including use of PPE, SDSs and proper handling and disposal of laboratory waste