Health Resources in Action (HRiA) is a non-profit, public health consulting organization headquartered in Boston, MA with a mission to help people live healthier lives and create healthy communities through prevention, health promotion, policy, and research.  With an emphasis on community engagement and commitment to racial and healthy equity, HRiA has earned a national reputation as a leader in the fields of public health and social change. We work with diverse clients who share our vision of healthier communities, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, state and local health departments, hospitals, and private/corporate philanthropic entities. 

 Since its founding in 1957, HRiA has been at the forefront of public health, leading the way to promote healthier and more vibrant communities. Our work recognizes and addresses the ways that structural racism and social and economic factors impact health outcomes. Our health equity framework centers racial equity and guides our work with communities, partners, and clients as well as our internal policies and processes. HRiA is also a member of the National Network of Public Health Institutes with over 40 affiliates across the US.   

HRiA’s core services comprise three clusters: (1) capacity building assistance (CBA), (2) grantmaking for biomedical research and community health initiatives, and (3) research and evaluation, including community health improvement services.

As part of our CBA services, HRiA manages an extensive portfolio of behavioral health initiatives, including statewide substance use helplines in Vermont and Illinois, and substance use and problem gambling helplines in Massachusetts. The Illinois Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances was launched in 2017, building upon our experienced operating the MA Substance Use Helpline for over 23 years. HRiA launched the Vermont Helplink in 2019.

The helplines comprise state-specific websites and online portals, as well as a single, centralized contact center that manages calls and chats from residents of all three states. The helplines connect consumers with comprehensive, accurate, and current information about and referrals to treatment, harm reduction, prevention, and recovery services available in their states. The Illinois Helpline also supports clinicians with resources to increase prescribing medication for opioid use disorder through the MAR SUPPORT project, facilitates access to the helpline via the Illinois prescription monitoring program, and provides additional resource support for callers via the Help is Here telephone menu offering links to state benefits, housing, food, shelter, and mental health service lines.

To learn more about HRiA and our helplines, visit the following:

·       HRiA:

·       IL Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances:

·       VT Helplink:

·       MA Substance Use Helpline:


We are searching for a full-time Project Manager for the Illinois Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances (hereafter the IL Helpline). This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the management of a recent and innovative helpline solution, as well as developing and launching enhancements and program improvements. The candidate will provide project management expertise while gaining a deeper understanding of substance use and related systems, through client interaction, program implementation, staff supervision, and program administration.

This is an exempt, full-time position with a salary range in the low-to-mid $70k’s, based on skills and experience. The Project Manager will work remotely for several months as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and may continue to work remotely after our Boston office reopens in late 2021 or early 2022. Candidates based in Illinois are strongly encouraged to apply.

Position Description

The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring the overall success of the IL Helpline. This includes the primary project, the Illinois Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances, and related sub-projects, such as the MAR SUPPORT Project, and the Help is Here phone tree and housing navigation line (see “About” section above for more information).  The Project Manager will engage with clients, provide day-to-day management of activities (including timelines and deliverables), implement enhancements, ensure the project is responsive to evolving needs, and monitor and implement continuous quality improvement (CQI). The Project Manager will assist with budget development and management for each sub-project and will be responsible for overall ongoing operations. The Project Manager will collaborate with the Project Managers of the MA Helplines and VT Helplink, and report to HRiA’s Managing Director, Behavioral Health. They will also work closely with HRiA’s Vice President and the Helplines’ supervisory, communication, marketing, and technology staff.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Project Manager will be responsible for the ongoing implementation of the IL Helpline, in collaboration with the Managing Director, Behavioral Health, the Associate Director, and the helpline team. The Project Manager will provide significant project management expertise in a fast-paced, high-intensity, high-visibility context to ensure the effective, efficient, and timely implementation of the project. This includes but is not limited to the following:


·       Developing and implementing a flexible but specific workplan that supports the management and triage of multiple priorities and needs, while ensuring adherence to the timeline.

·       Managing and facilitating the engagement and participation of project funders, the project team, the subcontractors, and other stakeholders.

·       Supervising, mentoring, evaluating, and supporting the professional development of up to four staff people.

·       Managing the staffing, including recruitment and hiring, for the SUPPORT project and Help is Here Housing navigation line.

·       Approving staff timesheets and schedules as appropriate. 

·       Communicating effectively, efficiently, and appropriately with the funders, the project teams, supervisor, and other stakeholders.

·       Identifying, prioritizing, and resolving challenges (proactively where possible) to minimize impact to the project goals and timeline.

·       Monitoring IL Helpline-related work of HRiA’s technology partner/subcontractor and guiding their programmatic and fiscal progress.

·       Preparing and submitting all required progress and data reports and other documentation to the funder to ensure contract compliance.

·       Working with the Managing Director and other staff to monitor and manage the overall project budget, timeline, and programmatic progress.

Project Work

·       Working collaboratively with the funder and HRiA staff to develop and implement enhancements to ensure the project is innovative, meets the needs of IL residents, and responds to the systemic and structural issues that produce health and racial inequities.

·       Contributing technical skills and/or content expertise to this project to ensure its effective implementation and sustainability.

·       Establishing and monitoring systems to gather and report data to assess project process and outcomes; identify and implement CQI activities, as needed.

·       Contributing technical skills and/or content expertise to other related HRiA projects and to the organization, as appropriate or needed.

Thought Leadership

·       Maintaining or building skills and knowledge in management, supervision, behavioral health, health and racial equity, and/or other related content areas.

·       Contributing to blogs, HRiA website content, and other sources to promote the IL Helpline and the team’s expertise.

·       Presenting at conferences/events with senior HRiA staff, as appropriate.

·       Suggesting ideas/improvements in project and/or organizational processes and systems through participation in teams and committees.

New Business Development

·       Assisting with proposal writing and/or submission as needed; this may include working with the Managing Director and other staff to prepare scopes of work and budgets for contract extensions, as well as working with the Associate Director of Development to prepare proposals for rebids or other new opportunities.

·       Contributing to HRiA website, blogs, and other opportunities to market services and expertise.

Special Requirements

·       Occasional travel to Boston and Illinois (reimbursed by HRiA) may be required of this position.

·       May require some work outside of traditional business hours.

Candidate Qualifications

•         Bachelor’s degree and at least five (5) years of relevant work experience in a leadership or management capacity, with demonstrated success in managing and implementing a program of similar size and scope. (In absence of bachelor’s degree, seven or more years of similar professional experience.)

•         Experience working in or with substance use or behavioral health service programs and providers.

·       Project Management Professional (PMP) certification preferred.

·       Commitment to and understanding of health and racial equity and strong understanding of the root causes of inequities and how racism is a public health crisis.

·       Certification as a Community Resource Specialist (through AIRS) preferred or willingness to obtain within one year of hire (at HRiA expense).

·       Exceptional verbal, written, and presentation skills.

·       Strong organizational skills and an ability to juggle multiple, competing priorities and timelines.

·       Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, with an ability to anticipate challenges and propose solutions.

·       Ability to identify priority project tasks, gather input and guidance, and accomplish them independently with minimal additional oversight.

·       Keen attention to detail and a strong commitment to high-quality products, customer/client service, and team interactions.

·       Excellent interpersonal skills, including strong communication, negotiation, and collaboration skills.

·       Proven ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a wide variety of individuals and organizations relevant to the project.

·      Openness to information that may be different from personal views, and a willingness to work with consumers who may be ambivalent, resistant, impaired, or have psychological disorders.

·       Openness to a variety of treatment services based on individuals’ needs.

·       Respectful of cultural differences, and values diversity of thought, backgrounds, and perspectives.

·       Ability and willingness to field incoming Helpline calls during periods of high call volume or other special circumstances.

·       Two years of sobriety requested for people in recovery.

·       Illinois residency is a plus, but not required.

Training in addiction, screening, interviewing, treatment services, and resources is available. Hour for this role are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and may be flexible. The IL Helpline currently operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This description is intended to indicate the kinds of work duties that will be required in this position.  It is not intended to limit, or in any way modify, the rights of any supervisor to assign, direct, and contract work of staff under his/her supervision.  The use of a particular illustration describing duties shall not be held to exclude other duties, not mentioned, that are of a similar level or difficulty.

Procedure for Candidacy

HRiA is actively seeking to build a diverse and experienced staff. HRiA encourages multiple perspectives and experiences, supports a multicultural environment, and strives to hire and retain a diverse work force that reflects the populations we work with and the communities where we work. Diversity is a core value of HRiA resulting in culturally competent services, materials, resources, and programs. Our hiring and business practices appreciate the strengths offered through different backgrounds.

HRiA offers an attractive benefits package, including medical, dental and life insurance, retirement plan, tax-deferred annuity, and generous vacationng at four weeks.

To apply, submit your resume and cover letter online.