THE WELL is your complete ecosystem for wellness. We bring together Western doctors and Eastern healers to collaborate and create best-in-class healing spaces, innovative products and educational content and protocols that empower you to take greater agency for your health. At THE WELL, your health is integrated, proactive and personalized.

THE WELL: welcome to wellness


You’re a builder with a passion for solving problems. You’re comfortable with a young developing slate and you’re excited to create and build products from scratch. 

We’re looking to implement and adopt new technologies and strategies very quickly. Quality code is highly valued, and the ideal candidate shares our desire to efficiently write great software.  If you believe in the power of personalized learning and are looking for an opportunity to grow your career in a startup environment where you will do something that really matters, this could be the role for you.

You must be comfortable taking ownership of the development lifecycle while working closely with internal stakeholders and external design and development agencies. This includes developing the organization's tech strategy,  effort estimation, risk analysis, proof of concept research, hands-on coding, testing and roll-out planning. You’re good at putting together pieces of a puzzle and working with product managers and business stakeholders to come up with a plan and execute. Our business currently utilizes many third-party services that need to be integrated into one seamless experience. 


  • Strategize on, develop, and create  the best possible customer-facing products and internal tools, examples include: 

    • A customer-facing web and app portal for The Well’s customers to easily manage their accounts, complete digital protocols, shop ecommerce, book services, communicate with health practitioners and more

    • Develop a digital-only web and app customer-facing experience for users to access content and limited aspects of the aforementioned portal experience

    • Grow The Well’s e-commerce business through web and app platforms

    • Support the business teams in optimizing their processes through software vetting, integration development, and reporting instrumentation

  • Design, develop and own entire feature sets end-to-end, using Node.js REST API / Nuxt.js (Vue.js) SSR Frontend /Sanity.io (currently have a headless CMS with a React client app)

  • Knowledge of Python, React Native, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, Liquid etc.

  • Understand business requirements and balance technical requirements with business needs

  • Enable the team to create effective reporting dashboards and gather insights

  • Define scope, break problems into sprints, estimate timelines and be flexible as changes aris

  • Manage technical details of estimating, prioritizing, and committing to features, initiatives, and infrastructure upgrades

  • Advise both technical and non-technical leadership on technical product strategy, both on scaling current products and the relative value of new products, technologies, and capabilities

  • Recruit, manage and develop an in-house and contractor technical team


  • 10+ years of software engineering experience

  • 2+ years in leading and managing technical teams

  • Strong experience in technical design, architecture definition, and research 

  • Have led a team through an agile software development process

  • Developed RESTful APIs and Service Oriented Architectures

  • Experience with different strategies for testing a system (acceptance, integration, unit)

  • Relational database experience, specifically with PostgreSQL

  • Experience with react-native, ruby on rails

  • Experience with web and mobile development

  • Effective communication skills to interact with internal and external team members

  • Startup experience is strongly preferred