Seeking business-minded biostatistics expert to join an exciting Nashville biotech startup. 

Job Title: Biostatistics Project & Program Manager  

About Nashville Biosciences (NashBio): 

We are an exciting startup that is fundamentally changing research & development processes  across the biopharma and biotech industries. We are a spinout from Vanderbilt University  Medical Center (VUMC) and are the only company of its kind that leverages years of rich  longitudinal clinical data and genomic information from hundreds of thousands of individuals to  address pressing R&D questions for our clients in the biopharmaceutical and diagnostics  industries. We leverage this massive database, along with unique computational methods  developed at VUMC, to offer data-enabled products and services that reduce costs, speed up  activity and improve success all along the R&D pipeline. The company is revenue-generating  with a business model focused in two areas: 

1. Leveraging our genomic-linked electronic medical record (EMR) datasets to provide  R&D insights to biopharma, diagnostics and other life science customers; 

2. Formation of biotech spinouts based on proprietary biological insights derived from the  database. 


NashBio is seeking a business-minded biostatistician to join a growing team of fast-paced and  forward-thinking innovators. Successful candidates must possess an orientation to collaboration  and customer service, and will be a motivated self-starter who thrives in the rapidly changing  and challenging environment of a startup. In this role, you will work closely with other members  of our client project teams to develop statistically sound approaches to solving scientific  problems, and to develop scientific insights to guide company deliverables and overall strategy.  You will listen to our clients, gain an understanding of their company goals and project  objectives, work hand in hand with our clinical and data teams to develop statistical analysis  plans, and then analyze, synthesize and interpret results generated from our proprietary  datasets, all while maintaining meticulous documentation. You will need to maneuver between  conceptual and tactical levels of projects and client conversations with ease. Client projects will  utilize real-world data to answer health economics, health outcomes and genomics questions, and could include a natural history analysis of a specific disease population, a comparative  effectiveness & cost effectiveness analysis between different treatments, or a genome wide  association study (GWAS) to identify new potential drug targets. Central to this work will be an  ability to think in a logical, structured fashion, work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary  environment and effectively communicate your findings to the rest of the team and ultimately to  NashBio’s clients.


– Solve complex scientific problems pragmatically 

– Manage client relationships  

    – Build client rapport 

    – Consult with client to determine objectives and ascertain challenges

    – Lead regular meetings and communications 

    – Maintain multiple active client relationship simultaneously  

– Manage client projects 

    – Create project plan 

    – Stay within scope and budget 

    – Ensure projects are delivered on time 

    – Maintain impeccable project documentation 

– Statistical analysis plans and reports 

    – Develop study design 

    – Perform power calculations for adequate sample size determination 

    – Select appropriate statistical methods 

    – Create formal statistical analysis plan based on client objectives 

    – Analyze data, create visualizations and synthesize & interpret results

    – Communicate findings (oral and written) to clients from various disciplines 

    – Advise & collaborate with project team members on study protocols, statistical analysis  methods and computational programming 

– Advise & collaborate with business development team on feasibility of client projects,  particularly with regards to statistical power and response to RFPs 

– Work collaboratively with relevant external experts and client contacts when specialized  expertise is needed for client service work 

– Read current literature, attend seminars & conferences, stay abreast of the latest  statistical modeling methods, best practices and computing tools 

– Provide biostatistics consultation to team members and clients 

– Champion statistical rigor across the organization 


– Biostatistics PhD or MS with 5+ years business experience 

– Experience in health economics and outcomes research 

– Experience analyzing real-world data, particularly administrative claims or electronic  medical records 

– Expert programming skills in SQL, R and/or Python 

– Understanding of basic biology, especially as it relates to human physiology and 

pharmacology preferred 

– Experience using data visualization tools (e.g. Looker, Tableau) preferred – Experience in bioinformatics, genomics and association studies is preferred – Good feel for clinical indications of diseases is a plus 

– Authorized to work in the US


– Startup mindset – willingness to grow, adapt quickly, and take on new roles as the needs  of the company change 

– Collaborator – very comfortable working within multidisciplinary teams across multiple  simultaneous projects 

– Business-minded – oriented towards client needs and delivery of actionable insights  while being conscious of time and resource constraints 

– Curious – interested in digging deep into non-intuitive findings to extract meaning, while  remaining focused on the question at hand 

– Positivity – display grace, exhibit resilience and remain solution-oriented under stress 


NashBio is headquartered in Nashville, TN. The Biostatistics Project & Program Manager  position is a remote position and qualified candidates from across the US will be considered. 

Compensation & Benefits

NashBio cares about its work community. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.  We offer a competitive and flexible benefits program, allowing employees to create a benefits  package that meets their personal needs. Company benefits include the following: 

– Medical Insurance Plan with Employer Contribution 

– Dental Insurance Plans with Employer Contribution 

– Vision Insurance Plan with Employer Contribution 

– Employer-sponsored retirement plan 

Job Type: Full-time 

Travel: Minimal 

We are an equal opportunity employer and prohibit unlawful discrimination based on race, color,  religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin/ancestry, age,  disability, marital & veteran status. 

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