LeadsRx is the leading marketing attribution and analytics provider across digital, broadcast, and television industry advertisers. LeadsRx is hiring a senior software engineer who will play a vital role in improving our user experience, increase product performance, and develop innovative new features.

You’ll be joining a small engineering team within a fast-growing industry. The team works in sprints to introduce new features or architecture changes, while still supporting current functionality and customer support requests.  LeadsRx is a Portland based company, with a distributed engineering team allowing for the position to work remotely.

As a member of the engineering team at LeadsRx, you’ll work to simplify and empower the user experience. You’ll handle bug fixes and support requests. You’ll be part of a team that learns from each other. You’ll have support from us, but the freedom to do your best work. Below are some examples of tasks our team works on:

 1.    Creating or modifying endpoints for internal and external APIs. You should have an understanding of modern API architecture leveraging JSON responses with the appropriate HTTP status codes.

2.    Developing and supporting integrations with third party vendors or data sources. This requires you to understand the business logic driving the integration, research the vendors documentation, create the user interface, and develop the supporting server-side logic.

3.    Interfacing with our customer success team (and sometimes the customers themselves) to address product questions, bugs, or feature requests.

4.    Aggregating feedback from our company wide product planning sessions to add to our product roadmap. Our roadmap is guided by the feedback from our customers, team members, and industry research.

 We’re looking for candidates with experience in all, or some, of the following technologies and skill sets: 

·         PHP (Procedural, Object Oriented)

·         Vue.js

·         MySQL Database

·         HTML and CSS

·         Redis

·         AWS (EC2, RDS)


·         Competitive benefits package

·         Responsible time off

If you are a multitasker, like to work in a fast-paced environment, and want to be a part of something exciting, come be a part of this journey and apply today.