Job Title:

Director of Market Segment Strategy

Business Unit:




Direct Reports:


Reports to:

Chief Product Officer


30%  - Occasional




Job Summary


The primary focus of this role is to drive the overall product strategy for Infobase, aligning platforms and content to the needs, trends and challenges of defined customer market segments – k-6, high school, Higher Education, Public Library. Reporting to the CPO, the Director of Market Segment Strategy will ensure the Infobase resources and go to market product strategies differentiate our solutions and increase Infobase’s penetration within each market segment. The Director will work closely with product organization members, development, Sales, Customer Success, marketing and others to ensure that that the Infobase solutions and activities increase utilization, satisfaction and ultimately new sales and renewal performance.


Essential Functions


  • Develop the overall product strategy to differentiate our offerings for each target market segment (K-6, High School, Higher Education, Public Library) through research and input from both internal and external stakeholders and research.
  • Create the product launch and go-to-market strategies for each release including overall roadmap, communication to internal teams, launch plans, marketing activities – working cross-departmentally to ensure that each team has what they need to carry out their respective role in releases.
  • As subject matter expert (SME) for assigned markets/market segments, demonstrate deep understanding of our customer personas, challenges, budgeting and trends, and align solutions to meet those needs.
  • Conduct ongoing research and analysis to identify Infobase product or content gaps, partnership or acquisition opportunities, etc. Engage and interface with customers and prospects through empathy sessions, user research, surveys and user testing to gain insights and knowledge.
  • Provide necessary sales enablement support and training to help sales and customer success teams understand what they are selling and why it is important to the buyer.
  • Monitor data in Google Analytics, Pendo, user data, and other internal reporting to understand how users interact with the product and inform decisions
  • Collaborate cross functionally, including at the executive level.
  • Engage with marketing team to insights around product value, problems we solve, value that we provide in the market segment, persona information and other information that help them be successful with their outreach.
  • Manage your team through consistent and professional leadership practices that includes providing clear and concise direction, construction and positive feedback, training and development as needed and managing the overall day to day needs of your reports.
  • Additional duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities


  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of education markets segments and the Ed-Tech space and ability to analyze customer personas and articulate how the company's products address customer needs.
  • Demonstrated success with conception, development, and deployment of successful product strategy initiatives.
  • Experience managing detailed and seamless go to market and product launch strategies for new enhancements, products or changes across multiple departments.
  • Proven experience in continuous market monitoring and impact analysis, including trends, compliance, funding, and purchase influences.
  • Strong analytical skills to identify market gaps and opportunities for product expansion.
  • Proficiency in conducting ongoing competitive and market segment research, and holding consultative discovery with internal and external stakeholders to derive actionable intelligence.
  • Ability to identify gaps with Infobase alignment to current or future market needs to align with and identify potential partnerships and acquisition opportunities.
  • Excellent collaboration skills to work cross-functionally, including at the executive level.
  • Strong communication skills to share knowledge, insights, and collaborate with platform and content teams.
  • Provide sales enablement support and training to ensure sales and customer success teams understand the product value proposition.
  • Proficient in monitoring and analyzing data using tools such as Google Analytics, Pendo, and internal reporting systems.
  • Previous experience in team leadership and management, including providing clear direction, constructive feedback, training, and development and managing the day to day  needs of the team.



Core Competencies

  • Strategic Thinking:  Ability to think strategically and align product strategy for each market segment with overall company objectives.
  • Project Management: Involvement in project management processes and demonstrated ability to manage complex projects from start to finish.
  • Demonstration and Presentation Skills: Hands-on experience delivering in-depth product demonstrations or presentations.
  • Leadership: Collaborative leadership style to work effectively with cross-functional teams and executive leadership.
  • Analytical Skills: Strong analytical skills to interpret data and metrics for decision-making.
  • Technology Proficiency: Excellent knowledge of technology tools, web browsers, Google apps, and Microsoft Office.


Key Accountabilities/Metrics


  • Achievement of annual budget for bookings, revenue and operating income for Infobase’s academic product set.
  • Year over year improvement in renewal rates for Infobase’s academic product set.
  • Year over year increases in new sales bookings for Infobase’s academic product set.
  • On schedule implementation of new product enhancements, solutions once roadmap has been set
  • NPS score improvement on critical platforms
  • Increase in lead generation
  • Other user / usage KPIs to be determined through use of Pendo such as MAUs, actual usage increases, return frequency, time spent on site, etc.


Minimum Qualifications


  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field. (Business, Product Management, Project Management, Instructional Design, Education). Advanced degree preferred.
  • 7-10 Years of progressive experience in Product Management, Product Development, Education, ideally with a  proven track record of managing multiple teams or products.
  • Previous team management experience.
  • Experience or certification with project management or Agile development methodologies, preferred.