ClubSport San Jose Silver Creek

Job Description






Oversee the daily operations of the Membership Department as structured by ClubSport San Jose.  Direct the selling efforts of the Membership staff to ensure club member sales meets monthly unit and revenue goals standard for sales professionalism and ethics.  Direct the retention efforts by conducting a proactive approach to retaining members within the club, resulting in meeting minimum budgetary goals.  Meet new member integration goals and build a strong referral network. Ensure that each new member is properly, completely and hospitably integrated into the club.    




Club Manager




Membership Sales Representatives




·         Selling / Marketing / Merchandising Skills

·         Communication and Interpersonal Skills

·         Hiring, Training and Coaching Skills

·         Product and Industry Knowledge

·         Community / Corporate Connections

·         Initiative and Leadership

·         Organization Skills




·         Meet or exceed sales plan: unit and revenue goals for the Membership Department

·         Meet or exceed the lead-generating goal for the sales team per month

·         Train and strengthen the selling skills of the membership staff, while also providing strong leadership, reinforcing the company vision, demonstrating creative problem-solving skills, and serving as a role model for the membership staff.

·         Conduct outside sales efforts with local companies and corporations, residential and community merchants to generate leads and awareness. Manage internal marketing to create additional lead generation.

·         Oversee the Membership staff hiring, supervision, scheduling, training and development

·         Ensure all ClubSport San Jose Human Resources policies and employment practices are followed in supervised departments

·         Communicate all promotions to sales staff and club management team; create grass roots outreach and marketing for the club

·         Ensure all sales and marketing (internal and external) materials meet ClubSport San Jose standards for quality, professionalism, and branding.

·         Direct and participate with the membership staff in generating leads and developing prospects; ensure ongoing telemarketing and the sales funnel standards are met

·         Sales and lead tracking and analysis; timely and accurate submission of required daily, weekly and monthly reports

·         Work closely with all Service Directors, Program Director and Wellness Director to ensure the proper integration of new members

·         Perform annual budget preparation for department

·         Conduct tours and closing prospects; cover floor hours and rotation when needed

·         Other responsibilities or projects as assigned by the Club Manager or President.



·         Unit Sales and Membership Fee Revenue Goals

·         Departmental P & L’s success versus Budget

·         Quality Assurance Review Scores

·         Staff Retention and Successful Performance

·         Staff Satisfaction (Upward Feedback, Employee Survey Scores)

·         Member Retention and Satisfaction; Member Survey Scores

·         New Corporate Membership Development

·         Report Timeliness, Accuracy and Consistency




Qualified candidates, with or without reasonable accommodations, must be able to:

·         Write, read, speak, hear and see

·         Tour the club: walk and climb stairs

·         Operate an automobile

·         Type and operate a computer

·         Bend, lift and carry up to 20 lbs.

·         Perform repetitive telephone work

·         Stand for prolonged periods of time