Interise builds an inclusive economy through small business development, supporting the growth of minority-owned small businesses and small businesses located in low and moderate income communities. Interise's award-winning curriculum uses a peer-learning method to provide business owners with the knowledge, know-how, and networks necessary to grow and scale. As Interise companies grow, they contribute to local job creation and build community wealth. Interise companies historically create new jobs at 5x the rate of the private sector, and are responsible for the creation of over 30,000 new jobs.

Position Summary

Interise is currently hiring a part-time independent contractor to teach its StreetWise MBATM curriculum to up to 20 participants. We are a national organization seeking a qualified and talented individual to help us deliver our mission in the Delaware area.

The program includes one orientation session, and 13 instructor-led classes scheduled between June and December of 2021.


  • Prepare and facilitate 13 classes using the StreetWise MBA™ curriculum, following the instructor’s manual and program standards;
  • Establish and monitor learning in the self-directed CEO forums (approximately three or four groups with five participants each. Instructor does not attend);
  • Reinforce the importance of the participants’ pre-session work in the delivery of the curriculum.
  • Conduct at least one 30-minute consultation with each participants before Session 4, either on site or in-person;
  • Work with the local program sponsor and their staff to identify and prepare local Guest Experts as designated in the curriculum. Provide a written and verbal briefing for all Guest Experts per the curriculum requirements;
  • Prepare participants for their Live Case presentations by providing feedback and coaching in advance of program sessions. (A total of 8 live cases throughout the curriculum);
  • Provide each business owner with prompt written or verbal feedback on the creation and iteration of their Strategic Growth Action Plans (Growth Plan). Growth Plan iterations will be submitted for feedback at the end of each of the 5 modules.
  • Ensure that participants are prepared for the Growth Plan Presentations at the end of the curriculum.

Instructor Training and Support:

  • Participate in the virtual or expense-paid residential Instructor training session which will review the StreetWise MBA™ curriculum, program standards, and teaching techniques.
  • Participate in the assigned 1:1 virtual coaching sessions with the Instructor Support Coach.


  • Ensure that the session and program evaluation process is followed; Participate in the on-going capture and distribution of best practices and the end-of-program instructor evaluation and debrief;
  • Support the collection of participants’ annual assessments for the 3 years following year of participation.

Participant Recruitment and Retention:

  • Provide local program sponsor and their staff recruitment guidance as needed.

Expertise and Qualifications:

  • BA or BS required, Master’s preferred
  • Personal experience as an entrepreneur, having successfully started and grown a business, with current knowledge of financial, marketing and/or business strategy;
  • Prior experience in teaching/coaching adult learners, preferably in the field of business;
  • Demonstrated understanding of adult learning methods; including interactive teaching techniques, case-based learning, encouraging self-directed learning and reflection, and incorporation of participants’ past experiences and expertise;
  • Ability to create an inclusive environment of learning and personal accountability; including facilitating the development of a trusting, respectful, and honest learning relationship amongst the participants, ensuring that learning objectives are met, and communicating the importance of course assignments to the development of participants’ businesses;
  • A toolbox of teaching skills that include skilled facilitation and presentation, excellent organization and time-management skills, excellent written and verbal communication, ability to assess learning needs and respond appropriately—taking an individualized teaching approach as needed, good observation skills, appropriate analytical skills, fostering of reflection, giving and receiving feedback effectively;
  • Personal characteristics that include engendering confidence and trust; teaching competency with different personalities, cultures and learning styles; flexibility; adaptability; and ability to demonstrate that learning is an essential part of leadership.

Compensation: Contract Fee: $14,000. Instructors receive extensive pre-program and on-going training, individual coaching, and peer-based learning throughout the duration of the contract. They are part of a growing national network of StreetWise MBA™ Instructors. For any additional questions, please reach out to Director of Programs, Bernard Johnson,

                                             Interise is an equal opportunity employer.
                                    Ours is a multi-cultural team and we thrive on diversity.

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