Sproutel is a patient-centered R&D workshop, focused on developing empathetic technology to make healthcare playful. We work in small cross-disciplinary teams, collaborating with industry partners to scope, conceptualize, and develop new products. 

We’re looking for a multidisciplinary design strategist with a background in design consulting or related field (4+ years). As a design strategist, you’ll interview users, gather market insights, ideate new products, develop client presentations, and design business models for market viability. The perfect candidate enjoys taking on new challenges, is flexible to adapt to growing needs, is highly motivated, and wants to do meaningful work that creates impact. 

Some responsibilities for this position include:

  • Strategy. Balance user, market, and client needs to conceptualize new product concepts and business models.

  • Design. Collaborate with users, medical professionals, and other key stakeholders to develop prototypes and products. 

  • Research. Conduct ethnographic research and synthesize insights with design research frameworks. Leverage primary and secondary research to understand and map new markets. 

  • Client Communication. Ensure industry partners are engaged in the design process through email communication and the development and delivery of presentations.

Some qualities we value at Sproutel:

  • You are curious and enjoy learning. We’re often faced with new challenges, and celebrate diving into them.

  • You are a collaborator. Teamwork makes the dream work. We look forward to pair programming, code reviews, whiteboard sessions, and lunch conversations.

  • You have strong communication skills. We are storytellers, within the team and to our partners. Strong written and visual communication skills are part of collaborating effectively on our cross-disciplinary team.

  • You are empathetic and emotionally intelligent. Sometimes things don’t go smoothly. A customer gets frustrated, a coworker bothers you, or a vendor slips behind schedule. Being able to solve problems while supportive and sensitive to those around you helps us build a company culture focused on respect.

  • You are comfortable thinking in tradeoffs. Thinking in tradeoffs helps us focus our resources and our attention. Knowing when to push against constraints, embrace them, or create new constraints for ourselves is a critical part about setting direction.

  • You think for yourself and you’re willing to speak up. The best antidote against groupthink! We value independent thinking and good conversation.

  • You value simplicity. It is difficult to build complex things. It is even more difficult to take something very complex, and simplify it without sacrificing functionality.

  • You value efficiency. Time is our most valuable asset.

Please submit your resume, cover letter, portfolio, and references.

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US work permit.

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