About Us

We are leading a revolution in measurement devices for chemical and biochemical analysis. 908 Devices has developed an innovative suite of purpose-built handheld and desktop mass spec devices for the point-of-need. Leveraging our proprietary platform technology, we make the extraordinary analytical power of mass spec available in devices that are significantly smaller and more accessible than conventional laboratory instruments. Our devices are used at the point-of-need to interrogate unknown and invisible materials and provide quick, actionable answers to directly address some of the most critical problems in life sciences research, bioprocessing, industrial biotech, forensics and adjacent markets.  We are reimagining where mass spec technology can be used if it is sufficiently small in size, low in cost, and simple to operate.

908 Devices is headquartered in the Boston Seaport, with satellite facilities in the Bay Area and in North Carolina.

Position Summary:

You will work closely with our customers and prospects in the field to make them successful using our ZipChip family of products for CE-ESI MS biopharma applications.

Desired Skills

·        Work closely with the sales team in providing technical expertise and guidance for prospective customers.


·        Ability to balance scientific curiosity with realistic, obtainable results and guidance.


·        Work hand-in-hand with customers evaluating their samples and conducting a variety of biotherapeutic, peptide, and small molecule experiments.


·        Establish strong relationships with customers through sound scientific expertise.


·        Proactive approach to driving customer success and support with urgency.


·        Present ZipChip technical contributions at scientific meetings, seminars, or customer facing events.

·        Communicate with other groups such as product management, marketing, & customer service

·        Work closely with the service team in providing unparalleled customer service and support.

·        Contribute to overall 908 Devices team and initiatives outside of the day-to-day activities.



Qualifications and Experience

·        Strong technical knowledge of the Life Sciences CE, LC and MS application areas, especially in the field of biotherapeutics characterization.

·        Minimum 2-3 years hands-on experience with routine analytical characterization in CE, LC and/or MS application areas

·        Proficiency in MS data processing software tools (e.g. XCalibur, Analyst, Biopharma Finder, and other MS vendor-specific acquisition and data analysis software) preferred

·        Excellent communication skills, confident, and a ‘never let a ball drop’ mentality.

Additional Information:

·        The position is to be field based on the East Coast, USA

·        908 Devices is headquartered in Boston, MA

·        The new hire will report to the Field Applications Manager