Who Upgrade Labs is...
Ever feel frustrated you can’t quite reach your health or fitness goals? Maybe you sense that
with access to the same tools and guidance of a professional athlete you could. At Upgrade
Labs we combine our understanding of human performance, our proprietary data platform and
the technologies being used by those at the top of their game to help our members achieve the
results they deserve.

Working in technology at Upgrade Labs…
At Upgrade Labs we believe that technology plays a key part in the future of wellness and using technology we can create a unique data-driven member experience unmatched by any other wellness facility.
To get there we believe in
    • A lean product process
    • Rapid product iteration and testing
    • Open discussion and empowering everyone to make decisions
    • Using technology as the “Operating System” for our brick and mortar business.

We’re building software to drive an integrated physical and digital service interaction. We want
our customers to move seamlessly from their visit to the lab, through going home excited and
entering their goals and learning what they’ll be doing in the next session, using digital, data
driven, recommendations of the improvements we want to drive in their physiology.

Our Software Engineer will...
Use Ruby on Rails/potentially other software systems to build out the world’s most robust
wellness data platform. You’ll be figuring out how to ingest data from multiple platforms and
surface that effectively in our facilities to drive a stronger customer journey. For example,
    • Show our trainers how our customers have slept to customize their workout.
    • Demonstrate to customers how their work at Upgrade Labs has changed their

Key Responsibilities of the position…
    • Design systems we can iterate on rapidly to test interactions in the labs
    • Design a robust data platform we can use to understand how in lab interactions are
      affecting our customer’s health
    • Create maintainable software engineering practices that will carry us through a larger
      team and larger software systems
    • Use our labs and help to problem solve how to grow from 2 to 1000+ labs worldwide
    • Be a key advocate for technical quality

Qualifications are…
    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
    • Minimum 5 years building customer facing software
    • Experience with Ruby on Rails
    • Understanding of ETL and database design
    • Strong understanding of agile methodologies (esp. lean)
    • Understanding of a test-driven facilitated development process

We’d also love it if
    • You have experience with the entire SDLC including devops tools like terraform and
    • You are good at a user centric development process including building beautiful user

Does this describe you…
    • You’re an exceptional problem solver. Even when the problem at hand is not exactly in
      your skill set you tend to be creative and be able to come up with solutions
    • You focus on making progress every day
    • You love clean code and making easy to read, easy to maintain code
    • You love carrying people along with you as you iterate towards a software vision
    • You love working in a lean product setting where ideas are turned to code and tested
    • You have passion for our mission of bringing improved Health/Wellness/Fitness
      outcomes to the world empowering humans to become superhumans.
    • You have a “whatever it takes” mentality and want to get your hands dirty wherever
      you’re needed most
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