The Pat Tillman Foundation (PTF) unites and empowers remarkable military veterans and spouses as the next generation of public and private sector leaders committed to service beyond self. A leadership and scholarship organization inspired by the values of Pat Tillman and a steadfast belief in leadership through action, over the last 19 years the foundation has supported over 800 Tillman Scholars as they apply hard-earned leadership skills to impactful issues around the world.

PTF seeks an experienced Program Associate to execute on developed  monitoring and evaluation systems for all PTF programs, including: annual selection of Pat Tillman Scholars, the Pat Tillman Leadership Summit, other summits and gatherings of scholars and the public, and multiple scholar development focused efforts. While this role will have the opportunity to play a part in the co-creation, planning and execution phases of  some large events like our summits, this Program Associate will primarily focus on providing an objective and uniform view of our efforts across the team. As the Tillman Scholar community and the PTF staff continue to grow, this position will be responsible for identifying gaps in service and working to foster continued programmatic improvements.

We understand people gain skills through a variety of professional, personal, educational, and volunteer experiences. If you believe you have the skills to succeed in this role, regardless of industry, we encourage you to apply.

Who You Are

  • Intentionally Objective. You understand the power of objectivity in evaluating outcomes. You also are comfortable expressing your individual views and enjoy using both your objectivity and opinions to advance the mission.

  • Intrapreneurial. You don’t just execute, you want to “own” your programs, add value, and make them better with every iteration. You are open to new ideas, will trust in your team members when you take risks,  and understand the value of learning from missteps. 

  • Dependable. You’ve developed a sense for what questions to ask and how to get things done over at least three years of experience. You take pride in being relied upon and your team can trust that when you’ve got a project, it’ll be done on time and above standard. 

  • Inspired and Inspirational. You are moved by the selfless sacrifice of our country’s veterans and their families, even if you didn’t serve personally. You love working with people and can inspire and excite through bringing big ideas into reality.


  • Highly Organized. You are a systems thinker who can manage a project and prioritize appropriately. You value structure and  yet are comfortable operating with minimal direction. You manage clear and logical processes to support your work and your team. 

  • Passionate About Impact. You care about making a difference in the world, and want to support veterans and their families working at an impactful level across all segments of society. You aren’t comfortable with just talking about change, you want to make it happen.

What You’ll Do

Monitoring & Evaluation 

  • Support the Director of Programs in the conceptualization and execution of monitoring & evaluation milestones and metrics during planning stages of each programming effort

  • With guidance from the Director and Associate Director of Programs evaluate each program following execution and identify opportunities for growth, with the goal of meeting scholars where they are and increasing the breadth of our impact

  • Prepare end of event surveys and organize, facilitate, and lead after action reviews for each Programs event

  • With the support of the Director of Programs monitor the engagement and participation levels of all Tillman Scholars

  • Evaluate and refine data collection efforts and standards.

  • Annually, prepare a report with the the guidance of the Director and Associate Director of Programs, summarizing all programming efforts, identifying gaps in served populations, and suggesting efficiency improvements

Cross-team Support

  • Collaborate with event leads to incorporate past lessons learned into current efforts 

  • Serve as responsible party for 10-15 scholars as part of PTF’s case management practice

  • Serve as on-site leader for selection committees or assist in other day-of activities as needed

  • Participate in Tillman Scholar application info sessions

  • Gain and maintain a familiarity with Salesforce and use it regularly to input and retrieve scholar information in order to support all PTF efforts

  • Assist with execution of PTF events as needed

  • Assist the Director of Programs as needed with program-related initiatives


  • Provide an overview of Programs-related metrics for use in the annual impact report

  • Identify inspirational scholar stories for sharing by our Marketing and Development teams

  • Gain familiarity with our scholars and their stories, sharing them as a means to put PTF’s impact into context

Based in Chicago, the Pat Tillman Foundation is one of the Top 50 Nonprofits to Work for in the United States, according to the Nonprofit Times. We offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and a collaborative and welcoming environment where passionate and curious thinkers will thrive.

This position is remote, but the candidate needs to be located in the California Bay Area (preferred) or Chicago, and reports to the Director of Programs. Some travel required for PTF events. The Pat Tillman Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, LGBTQIA+, and other underrepresented applicants.

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