PTF seeks an experienced Associate Director to assist in leading its programs team, focusing on three priority areas: evaluation of and subsequent improvement to existing programming, strategic partnerships and relationships, and organizational and departmental efficiency and efficacy,. The Associate Director of Programs serves on a 7-person team, reports to the Director of Programs, and directly supervises two full-time employee positions. The Associate Director will be entrusted with a great deal of autonomy. They will help mold a highly-collaborative environment while engaging regularly with key stakeholders including PTF’s Board of Directors, investors, and other strategic partners. This role will be a thought partner to the Director of Programs, expected to lead in their absence and act as spokesperson and ambassador for PTF and its community of scholars.

We understand people gain skills through a variety of professional, personal, educational, and volunteer experiences. If you believe you have the skills to succeed in this role, regardless of industry, we encourage you to apply.

Who You Are

  • See the Big Picture. You’re the wide angle lens. You’re aware of what each member of the team is working on, the conversations happening at the executive leadership level, and can see how it all comes together. You pride yourself on always being aware of every moving part of an organization.

  • Invest in People. You add value to people, not just programs. You encourage others to try new ideas, build a culture of team trust,  and emphasize learning over fault when encountering errors. 

  • Dependable. You’ve developed a sense for what questions to ask and how to get things done over at least seven years of experience. You take pride in being relied upon and your team can trust that when you’ve got a project, it’ll be done on time and to standard. 

  • Inspired and Inspirational. You are moved by the selfless sacrifice of our country’s veterans and their families, even if you didn’t serve personally. You love working with people and can inspire and excite through bringing big ideas into reality.


  • Highly Organized. You are a systems thinker who can manage a project and prioritize appropriately. You value structure and  yet are comfortable operating with minimal direction. You manage clear and logical processes to support your work and your team. 

  • Passionate About Impact. You care about making a difference in the world, and want to support veterans and their families working at an impactful level across all segments of society. You aren’t comfortable with just talking about change, you want to make it happen.

What You’ll Do

Evaluation and Improvement of Programming

  • Examine the financial and programmatic sustainability of our programs by developing an integrative strategy 

  • Examine our programs for both an impact strategy and revenue strategy to ensure we are meeting a dual bottom line

  • Evaluate how all our programs work together for programmatic and financial stability

  • Ensure, through evaluation and collaboration, we make choices to adjust the business model to increase our organization’s sustainability

  • Further examine what engagement looks like across our programs and our community which will inform decisions for program management and community involvement 

Strategic Partnerships and Relationship

  • Instill in the programs team a clear sense of value in relationships and partnerships as the way to move our work and the organization forward by modeling expectations

  • Examine current partnership structures both internally and externally for efficacy and then recommend areas of improvement and opportunity that we can act upon

  • Build a community of collaboration in the way we work, think, and act in our department as a model to the organization 

  • Consistently apply a systems approach to how we can successfully integrate the work and goals of programs with our internal and external partners to ensure the highest level of partnership, efficiency, and efficacy

Organizational and Departmental Efficiency and Efficacy

  • Examine models of communication and outreach within our department and evaluate, ideate, and recommend models of improvement across our team

  • Drive team collaboration and prevent siloed work efforts through regular coordination meetings and leadership of two cross-team focused positions (Digital & Community; Scholar Support)

  • Manage the Programs Team’s calendar to maximize current and projected programmatic offerings and opportunities for the Tillman Scholar community

  • Oversee administration of by-request programming such as Scholar Professional Development Opportunities, U-Haul reimbursement, and Scholar Student Loan Support

  • Serve as on-site leader for selection committees or assist in other day-of activities as needed

  • Participate in Tillman Scholar application info sessions

  • Assist with execution of PTF events as needed

  • Assist the Director of Programs as needed with program-related initiatives

Based in Chicago, the Pat Tillman Foundation is one of the Top 50 Nonprofits to Work for in the United States, according to the Nonprofit Times. We offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and a collaborative and welcoming environment where passionate and curious thinkers will thrive.

This position is located in Chicago  and reports to the Director of Programs. The Pat Tillman Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, LGBTQIA+, and other underrepresented applicants.

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