The statements below describe the general nature and level of work being performed in this role.

They are not intended to be a complete list of all duties, and additional responsibilities may be

delegated as required.

Shares responsibility with Clinical Supervisor for hiring, evaluating, disciplining, and terminating staff.

· Ensures that daily facility schedules (staff and patient) are being followed; and makes daily

taff assignments.

· Makes staffing adjustments to meet unplanned changes and notifies staff of such changes.

· As needed, coordinates acceptance of new patients, transfers & transients.

· Complies with all Medicare/ and other ESRD reporting requirements by completing and submitting all

reports and survey forms promptly.

· Ensures availability of adequate supplies and equipment in conjunction with the Chief Technician.

· Maintains a therapeutic, safe and aesthetically acceptable physical environment.

· Plans and coordinates timely acceptance of new patients, transfers and transients.

· Supervises reuse personnel in the absence of the Chief Technician and notifies Chief Technician of

procedural and/or technical problems.

· Assists in planning and organizing facility meetings such as CQI, Staff Meetings, and in­ service.

· Admits new patients to the facility, including initial nursing assessment, signing of consents and

completion of medication list.

· Communicates regularly with nephrologist regarding patient needs.

· Supervises and performs initiation, monitoring and termination of dialysis as needed.

· Ensures that nursing care is coordinated with the prescribed medical plan of care and maintains effective

communication with the medical staff for collaborative planning.

· Ensures that all incidents are reported in an accurate and timely manner.

· Participates in direct patient care.

· Initiation of life saving corrective measures, including those necessary in treating shock.

· Responsible for patient care planning and follow-up.

· Oversees patient medication review at least quarterly.

· Makes regular patient rounds to identify patient needs, assess quality of care and resolve patient


· Maintains infection control with regard to the employees, patients, visitors, housekeeping and

other services.

· Supervises completion of quarterly patient emergency procedure review.

· Monitors stock medications for expiration dates and quantity.

· Other duties as assigned.

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