Social Worker Qualifications:. A person who is licensed by the Tennessee Board of Social Worker
Certification and Licensure, if applicable, and (1) Has completed a course of study with
specialization in clinical practice at, and holds a masters degree from, a graduate school of
social work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education; or (2) Has served for at least
2 years as a social worker, 1 year of which was in a dialysis unit or transplantation program
and has established a consultative relationship with a social worker who qualifies in
paragraph (1) of this definition


Part-time social worker. Responsibilities include Patient Assessment/Care Planning and Counseling, Psychosocial Assessment;

KDQOL, Clinical Depression Screen, Referrals to outside agencies, Transportation needs; Health Insurance, Medication coverage, and Collaboration with billing. Proficiency in written communication is required to complete Quarterly Social Work Notes, Depression Screening, Quarterly MSPQ’s, and other required documentation. Social Worker also Participates as a Member of Interdisciplinary Team to help identify effective interventions

and rehabilitation goals to improve patient’s quality of life.