We are hiring an Educational Content Developer reporting to our Director of CurriculumThis role involves creating developmentally suitable educational content and materials for a diverse student and educator audienceThis includes crafting culturally relevant content and additional support for varying student needs.   



  • Create developmentally appropriate whole-group lessons, practice activities, and related instructional materials that support the actualization of the targeted student and educator population 
  • Create content that is culturally relevant and sustaining  
  • Create additional scaffolds to support the diverse needs of students 
  • Adopt innovative approaches for efficient content creation 
  • Participate in the development of content and curriculum strategies to further engage students and increase learning 
  • Understand the target audience to ensure that course content is appropriately scaffolded and engaging in a virtual environment 
  • Ensure that course content and assessments align with state and national standards 
  • Developing formative and culminating assessment tools to gauge curriculum efficacy 
  • Ensure that deliverables comply with specific design criteria and are appropriate for the agreed-upon instructional and technical specifications 
  • Engage in a highly collaborative and rapid development process, which includes regular engagement with team members, peer review, client feedback through surveys, and other formative feedback 
  • Perform quality assurance testing and review and edit content and assessments produced internally and by vendors to validate the accuracy and effectiveness 
  • Receive and incorporate feedback from the Product Team on course content and assessments  
  • Collaborate with the Product Team and client-facing team members and vendors to incorporate innovative designs and technologies into courses 
  • Meet deliverable timelines, attend, schedule, and coordinate meetings (as needed and proactively) and communicate with respect 
  • Refer to roadmaps and project tools for ownership and tracking purposes 
  • Evaluate resources for use in course design and content development 
  • Updates existing course materials to reflect changes in law, regulation, philosophy, or practice. 
  • Write ancillary documents needed for course development 
  • Additional duties may be assigned as necessary 

Content Development 

  • Create compelling course content and engaging experiential learning activities 
  • Skilled in the development and delivery of SEL curriculum and instruction 
  • Committed to the development of culturally and linguistically relevant and responsive materials 
  • Where appropriate, may serve as primary speaker/trainer (or voice-over) for the training modules  
  • Proficient in interpreting and deconstructing content and skills-based standards 
  • Proficient in state and national standards in an academic and social-emotional learning framework 
  • Knowledgeable about the social-emotional practices and standards and English language proficiency standards/levels 
  • Proficient in creating and revising content based on user research and engagement metrics 
  • Conduct research and gather feedback 
  • Committed to client satisfaction: create client surveys and communicate with client-facing departments for ongoing feedback- Evaluate user experience through analytics and surveys to identify behavioral trends and insights and incorporate feedback for continuous improvement  
  • Comprehensive knowledge of instructional design theory for effective online learning environments 
  • Apply instructional strategies to digital curriculum design 
  • Proficient in applying user experience (UX) strategies to written content 
  • Knowledge of game-based learning strategies 
  • Develops modules within the Learning Management Software (LMS) platforms 
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter in the areas of expertise (mindset-based learning, mental health, social-emotional learning, etc.) 
  • Knowledgeable about: culturally responsive teaching practices, high-quality social-emotional instruction, the principles of Universal Design for Learning 

Required Skills and Orientations:

  • Excellent judgment and creative problem-solving skills, including negotiation and conflict-resolution skills 
  • Passionate about social-emotional learning, mental wellness, and writing
  • Dedicated to achievement for all students 
  • Attuned to detail and, also, able to see the big picture 
  • Oriented around a growth mindset, driven to seek out and use feedback to improve and to grow 
  • Open-minded in facing challenges 
  • Able to persist through an iterative process, modifying and refining work products over time 
  • Ability to collaborate with team members and cross-functional teams in product development. 
  • Outstanding organizational skills and the ability to manage several work-streams at one time while proactively accomplishing deliverables
  • Able to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment without compromising quality 
  • Self-motivated, self-directed, and comfortable taking initiative 
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills 


  • Masters degree or higher  
  • Experience teaching diverse learners, including English Language Learners and students with disabilities 
  • Deep content knowledge in Social-Emotional Learning/Mental Health as evidenced by years of teaching and/or other relevant experience 
  • Experience developing curricular resources and authentic assessments for use by others 
  • Experience with digital learning instructional design  

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