Job Description

Job Vacancy :
Computational Physicist

Date: August 2023

Location: Madison (WI), Oak Ridge (TN), Boston (MA) or Vancouver (BC)

Salary: Highly Competitive Plus Benefits

Hours: Full Time

Contract Type: Permanent

Reporting to: Head of High-Fidelity Predictive Modeling


About Type One Energy

Type One Energy Group is mission-driven to provide sustainable, affordable fusion power to the world. 

The company was formed in 2019 by a team of globally-recognized fusion scientists with a strong track record of building state-of-art stellarator fusion machines, together with veteran business leaders experienced in successfully scaling companies and commercializing energy technologies.

Type One Energy applies proven advanced manufacturing methods, modern computational physics and high-field superconducting magnets to develop its optimized stellarator fusion energy system. Its FusionDirect development program pursues the lowest-risk, shortest-schedule path to a fusion power plant over the coming decade, using a partner-intensive and capital-efficient strategy. For more information, visit


About the role

Type One Energy is seeking a Computational Physicist with expertise in high-fidelity scientific computing to join our team. In this role you will help design and demonstrate the scientific validity of our fusion reactor concepts by performing and validating predictions of stellarator plasma performance.

These performance predictions will exploit high-fidelity simulations of a variety of phenomena. Initial priority will focus on generating turbulence-based profile predictions using codes like Trinity3D and GX. Simulation of additional phenomena (MHD equilibrium and stability, neoclassical transport, energetic particle physics, plasma/neutral boundary modeling) will also be required.

You will be responsible for coordinating the variety of tasks required for self-consistent solutions through excellent communication and documentation. You will also help define and develop an integrated predictive framework, using reduced-fidelity models where appropriate. Established codes over a range of fidelity will be used where possible, however additional code development is also likely required, which will be coordinated within the broader Applied Physics group. Validation of the predictions with existing stellarator experiments is a key expected result of this role, which will require your collaboration with experts in the public sector. Results will contribute to publication in leading peer-reviewed journals.



·       Perform profile predictions based on gyrokinetic turbulence simulations

·       Perform and/or contribute to simulation of a variety of additional phenomenon including MHD equilibrium and stability, neoclassical transport, energetic particle transport, plasma/neutral boundary modelling.

·       Help establish and implement an integrated performance prediction framework using multi-fidelity simulation capabilities

·       Validate performance predictions with existing stellarator experiments

·       Collaborate with experts in the publicly funded fusion research community

·       Help publish the validated physics basis for our stellarator fusion reactor concepts

·       Prepare technical reports, presentations, and peer-reviewed journal papers to disseminate research findings and contribute to the scientific community


Required Qualifications and Experience

·       Ph.D. in physics, engineering or a related field.

·       Proficiency in high-fidelity scientific computing & high-performance computing.

·       Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

·       Experience in gyrokinetic turbulence simulation, transport modeling, and experimental validation is desired.

·       Experience with other high-fidelity plasma simulation codes is an advantage.

·       Proficiency in C++/Fortran, Python and Julia is preferred.

·       Familiarity of magnetized plasma physics is preferred.


Equality of Opportunity

Type One Energy is An Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status, age or any other federally protected class.

To Apply

Please send your CV and cover letter to Sam Belazka at and for more information please visit our website at

Also, as an example of previous work, applicants should submit the source code (or a link to it) for a software application they have written.

This position has been filled.