If you are interested in learning Machine Learning and NLP for healthcare from the ground up, this is the job for you.  OncoHealth has a unique combination of clinical and data resources that enable us to create curated clinical datasets from unstructured physician notes.  At OncoHealth, we see the entire clinical history for patients and use that to extract the relevant information clinicians and Pharma need to understand cancer care.  Using a combination of Machine Learning and rule-based approaches, the NLP Team at OncoHealth oversee a process that goes from ingestion of free-form notes to data extraction, ending up with comprehensively evaluated structured data. 

About OncoHealth

OncoHealth is a leading digital health company dedicated to helping health plans, employers, providers, patients, and life science researchers navigate the physical, mental, and financial complexities of cancer through technology enabled services and real-world data analytics. Our partnerships with leading life science organizations continuously improve patient care today and advance cancer research through this use of real-world data from over 7 million health plan members in the US and Puerto Rico. The real-world data from our platform covers the full spectrum of therapeutics, across all cancer types and stages, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, precision medicine, targeted therapy, and supportive care.

About the Role

The Principal NLP Software Engineer works in an agile environment to support and develop algorithms to extract structured information from large volumes of unstructured text. This role will include the development and maintenance of text data pipelines and systems for collecting and analyzing annotated data. Strong programming and analytic skills are critical. The successful candidate will participate in the design and implementation of optimal ways of converting and utilizing very large volumes of unstructured text data.

  • You will use Natural Language Processing to extract key data elements, along with ancillary data critical for its use, from free-form documents
  • Explore algorithm/feature selection, parameter tuning to optimize system performance on curated datasets
  • Perform statistical analyses of results and decide on implementations
  • Be a key player in data development and data analysis/management 
  • Work with clinicians to design data collection efforts to create training/test sets for machine learning/general validation
  • Develop annotated datasets for supervised learning models
  • Develop continuous testing infrastructure for incoming data
  • Analyze data for type, quality, and completeness
  • Implement systems for data refinement/cleaning 

About You

  • MS or PhD in Computer Science or relevant field required
  • 7+ years' experience in NLP software engineering
  • Proven ability to develop original code conforming to specifications, including unit tests and documentation, as demonstrated in either class projects or work settings
  • Experience with Agile software development
  • Programming skills in Python, C++, or Java required, along with the ability to work in an Agile framework
  • Familiarity with text processing software, including regular expressions
  • Ability to perform statistical analyses of data and communicate results clearly
  • Experience with machine learning algorithms and toolkits including Scikit-learn, TensorFlow
  • Experience with web-based computing platforms such as Azure, AWS, and Databricks
  • Familiarity with Lucene/Elasticsearch and SQL is a plus!

About the Location

OncoHealth is committed to remote, hybrid or in office work options. The majority of the team will be remote or in hybrid work arrangements with offices in Atlanta, GA, Plantation, FL and Guaynabo, PR. We are open to employees nationwide but work primarily in the Eastern and Central Time Zones.

Our Culture

Taking ownership of quick action, critically thinking through the needs, and working well with others are key competencies of team member success.  Our leadership is dedicated to building a culture based on respect, clinical excellence, innovation – all with a focused mission of putting patients first! 

We offer a full benefit package on your first day, along with a company bonus. You may visit or work from our very modern and engaging offices, and experience a fun, collaborative environment where social activities and community events matter. We enjoy being together!

The Opportunity

The cost of cancer related medical services and prescription drugs in the United States is expected to reach $246 billion by 2030. OncoHealth has enjoyed rapid growth over the past 3 years and seeks smart, collaborative people to join its team. We have just under 250 team members, so we can move swiftly but precisely to the market needs of our customers. Strongly backed financially by Arsenal Capital Partners & McKesson Corporation, we remain in an investment and growth mode. This means we are open-minded to how we get the work done – now is the perfect time to talk to us!

Our Current Solutions

Through the use of OncoHealth's utilization management system, OneUM, our customers can use a single e-Prior Authorization portal for all oncology drug request and treatments. Our system improves quality of care, reduces provider abrasion and gives health plans visibility into the total cost of oncology treatment.   

OncoHealth offers Oncology Insights Pro, an analytic software solution that enables health plans to use data and analytics to improve oncology programs.  Using real world data, our engineers normalize data to create analytic dashboards with drill down compatibilities.  The data is the paired with expert guidance providing the strategies an insight needed to keep up with the continuing evolving cancer treatment landscape.   

OncoHealth offers Pharmacy Consulting services to health plans and pharmaceutical companies.  New cancer treatments are entering the market at an unrelenting pace.  Since 2018, the FDA approved 121 new cancer applications including 49 novel cancer drug entities.  Our Board-Certified Oncology Pharmacologists can help health plans update drug policies, offer utilization management and formulary advice, and development training for staff.   

OncoHealth's latest offering is Iris, a digital telehealth platform that delivers personalized, oncology-specific support to navigate the physical symptoms and emotional challenges caused by cancer and cancer treatment. Powered by technology, staffed 24X7, and delivered with empathy, Iris allows patients to connect with trained oncology experts and receive personalized, oncology-specific telehealth support.