Job Summary:

Ghostly Bear Games (GBG) is seeking our first Technical Artist to help build prototype art assets, tools, and workflows to populate a new 3D game with a heavy focus on player customization. We are a distributed company, so you will be working with a multidisciplinary team from home by digitally attending daily planning meetings and using collaboration tools to drive your projects forward. The position requires a highly communicative person, excited to explore multiple technologies relevant to 3D multiplayer games and hands on game asset creation. Your position will be at the crossroads of technology and art, establishing the tech, tools, and approach that you and team will utilize to move us towards production. Your game assets and tools will have a direct impact on the player experience by enabling deep personalization features that allow our players to feel ownership of the game they are playing. We feel building a team with a wide set of backgrounds and experiences is key to a healthy and long lived business, so GBG is passionate about actively recruiting a diverse workforce.


  • Creativity - Craft game assets with your deep understanding of modeling, rigging, texturing, and shaders.

  • Design - You will design the technical approach and tools that allow artists, developers, and players to interact with game assets in a meaningful way.

  • Planning - Collaborate with the other teams to establish the requirements for game assets, automation, and tools with an accurate estimation of development effort.

  • Programming - Contribute to development across multiple tools and pipelines with a focus on usability and game performance.

  • Accountability - You will ensure on time delivery of projects through regular communication and collaboration with other teams.

Basic Qualifications:

  • A portfolio of game assets used for at least one shipped title.

  • The ability to work in multiple programming languages and frameworks depending on the feature or engine (e.g. Python, HLSL, C++ etc.).

  • Strong familiarity with at least one 3D game engine (e.g. Unreal, Unity, Lumberyard), source code management and asset management strategies.

  • Knowledge of key 3D software packages for asset content production (e.g. Houdini, Zbrush, Substance, Motion Builder, Maya, etc.)

  • Highly communicative and inquisitive, driving conversations should be the default.

  • Direct experience developing and supporting game systems, 3D toolsets and shaders.

Who We Are:

Ghostly Bear Games is a small distributed game studio, passionate about building games players want to make their own through creativity and competition. Our employees value developing trust through open discussions, rigorous feedback, and playful exploration.

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