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Founded in 2022, Camelot Energy Group is a technical and strategic advisory firm dedicated to supporting investors and asset owners in accelerating the adoption of safe, effective, sustainable and equitable energy resources. Our team members have supported asset owners and investors on more than $8 billion in clean energy assets and transactions, from portfolios of behind the meter solar PV assets to advisory support for investment in clean energy technology companies. Our experience includes:

  • 7+GW of solar PV projects at all scales
  • 3+GWh of energy storage projects (both standalone and hybrid projects)
  • Technical due diligence and independent engineering for a wide variety of clean energy investments and transactions
  • Support for utilities and government agencies in program planning, evaluation, and implementation


At Camelot, we are driven by our core mission and values, rooted in the belief that rapid adoption of clean energy technologies, at scale, is critical to promoting global equity, alleviating poverty, and bringing modern society into greater alignment with the natural world. This idea drives our core values:  

  • COURAGE We stand between our clients and the risks and challenges inherent in investing in new technologies and ideas. We do not hide from challenges and new ideas, we embrace them.
  • EMPATHY We support the humanity of our staff, clients, and partners and place care and kindness at the forefront of our business.
  • INTEGRITY We will be forthright and trustworthy in all areas of our business.
  • SERVICE We believe that each client deserves a bespoke, focused, and attentive experience in working with us. Our team prioritizes building long-term mutually beneficial partnerships over short-term gains and aggressive sales tactics. 


Camelot focuses on bespoke strategic and technical advisory services that meet the needs of our clients, including:

  • Strategic advisory support for new investments in clean energy technologies, projects, companies, and other ventures
  • Technical due diligence and independent engineering to support project and portfolio financing
  • Owner’s engineering to ensure clean energy projects are designed, built, and operated to the highest standards of safety, performance, and quality
  • Support for energy access and equity initiatives Our services emphasize clients’ needs over a menu of options and we cultivate this approach with purpose.

Our team offers a wide range of expertise and we leverage that in designing bespoke services over expecting our clients to accept heavily standardized products that may not fully meet their needs.


Our team is our greatest strength and we focus on a human-centric business model that places great importance on the well-being of our team members and the deep recognition that each of us is a whole person. Though we all work remotely, we emphasize camraderie and mutual support and care for one another in our daily work. This is all the more important because we strive to provide our clients with a high level of thoughtful and focused service, commensurate with the challenges of transitioning to a just and sustainable society powered by clean energy technologies. Camelot's leadership team is well-seasoned in the industry and strives to offer mentorship and we invest in professional development in a variety of ways for all members of the team. If you work here, you will find a caring and supportiive environment, excellent benefits and pay, transparent leadership, and tremendous flexibility. We certainly try to have fun with what we do but the work is sometimes stressful and challenging and does require a fair bit of self-direction, critical thinking, and solving open-ended problems in an environment where almost nothing is routine. We really hope, if you've read this far, that sounds appealing to you.

Our Benefits and Perks

We put a lot of thought into our benefits because, in many ways, this is where we put our money where our mouth is. We can have all the mission statements and "people are our top priority" statements in the world but unless we back that up, it is just hot air. So, we review this list frequently and listen to what our team wants but a brief list of our major beneifts includes:

  • Competitive and transparent salary: we put this on every job description and everyone knows what the salary range is for each title in the company.
  • Annual incentive: Each year, we provide a 10% annual incentive near the end of the year.
  • Performance bonus: We provide a discretionary bonus based on company and personal performance.
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance: You become eligible on your first day of employment (waiting periods stink, in our opinion) and we offer a range of options.
  • Support for reproductive healthcare costs: If you live in a state that makes such care options difficult, we cover out of pocket costs with seeking such care elsewhere.
  • Life insurance: We provide basic coverage and an option to buy up if you want more.
  • Retirement/401(k): We match 1:1 up to 4% of salary.
  • PTO: We offer unlimited PTO and, in fact, monitor to make sure all team members take enough time off to rest and recharge. None of us can work at full speed all the time and we try to make this as accessible and flexible as possible.
  • Connectivity stipend: Since our team works remotely, everyone needs some online access so we provide a monthly stipend to cover these costs.
  • Professional development: We strongly support professional growth for our team, including reimbursement for professional registration and associated testing costs, membership in professional organizations, and a budget for employee-directed courses and trainings. This is in addition to any training we may ask you to attend that addresses strategic business needs which, of course, we also cover.
  • PV installation incentive: We work in solar. If you put some on hour house, we'll pay you. Simple!
  • PV O&M Incentive: If you own solar, we'll pay you to maintain it.
  • EV or energy storage system incentive: If you buy an EV or home energy storage system, we'll give you money.

We think that list is way better than "we offer competitive salary and benefits". Hopefully you do too.

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